The Morning After

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Homecoming has come and gone, which means school has officially started. The worst part about homecoming is definitely the months of recovery following this weekend. I really want to give you tips on how to finish that paper due Monday, or ways to help making cleaning your house easier, but realistically, we’re all going to be too hungover to even think about any of that. I’ve compiled some interesting hangover remedies, though, to hopefully get you one step closer to finishing your tasks.

1. Pour Yourself a Drink

A) The best cure to a hangover is more alcohol!

B) You’re going to need a drink (or 6) once you leave your room and see the mountain of empties in the place you once called your living space. 

2. Bull’s Eye

Pour yourself a nice glass of OJ, drop in a raw egg, and enjoy. 

3. Pickle Juice

In a pickle? Can’t stop puking? Chug some pickle juice!

4. Hangover Heaven

Call a hangover cure company. They come to your house and pump your body with liquids and vitamins through an IV. Sounds super safe, and cheap, I know. 

5. Pedialyte

This is meant for babies, to replenish their electrolytes. I actually don’t recommend this, because it tastes like 3-week-old fruit, blended with raw meat and pepper. HOWEVER, regardless of the taste, it really does work.

You can give these a try, but we all know you’re going to eat McDonald’s, binge watch Netflix, and pop Advil like it’s going out of style. Stay golden, collegiettes!