Meet the Exec: Co-President Rebecca Courteau

Our 'Meet the Exec' series has reached day 5, and today we're learning more about... me! As one of the co-presidents, I help to oversee all aspects of HCWLU, from the content we publish to the work of our executive team - all the while maintaining contact with our parent company, Her Campus Media! I'm really excited to tell you more about my experience with Her Campus, so without further ado, here is my profile!


Rebecca Courteau

Year and Program:

It's my 4th Year at Laurier, and I'm in General Arts (but taking basically all sociology courses, so we'll see what happens!)

Where can people find you on social media?

Instagram: @rebeccaem.ily

Twitter: @bec_ems (just brace yourself for a never-ending supply of hockey tweets)

 Pinterest: @rebeccaaemilyy

When did you initially join HCWLU, and what team were you on?

I joined in the Winter 2018 semester, which was the second semester of my second year, and was an editor!

What is your go-to outfit for school?

A big knit sweater and jeans!

What is your go-to study drink?

Iced coffee if I'm working on campus, black coffee with sugar otherwise!

What is your go-to pastime?

Watching Netflix, or when I have more time to spare, crocheting!

What is your go-to TV series/movie?

TV: Grey's Anatomy, Movie: Burlesque

What is your go-to hype song?

Right now it's "Do It Like This" by Daphne Willis, but honestly it's always changing. Ask me again next week and my answer will be different!

What is your favourite social media platform?

Does Pinterest count? If not, then Instagram... or TikTok!

What is a recent fascination or obsession of yours?

I've been obsessed with the Instagram account @thatcheeseplate, and its corresponding account @cheesebynumbers. All I want to do is make all the cheese boards!!

What motivated you to become an executive for HC this year?

From the moment I joined Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier in Winter 2018, I knew it was a club I wanted to become more involved with. I really value the ways HC has helped me to develop so many professional skills, and on top of that there also happens to be this amazing community of supportive people here. After taking on a role with our parent company a year ago, I was certain that my next step within our club was to take on a leadership role and help give our other team members the wonderful experience that I've had!

How do you balance being a Her Campus executive with other commitments?

To-do lists!! My notes app is pretty much all to-do lists, so that I can keep track of what needs to be taken care of academically and with Her Campus. I always try to write dates and info down as soon as I think of it, so I don't forget anything major. And time-blocking is so important! When I have a lot of demanding commitments at once, I really benefit from a more structured and rigid schedule.

What have you learned from your experience as a Her Campus executive?

I'm very much an introvert that simply pretends to be an extrovert, and I definitely have started learning how to prioritize my time to ensure that I recharge after more draining tasks and events. That said, I still have a long way to go in that department!

What is your favourite article from the semester?

We've had a lot of incredible articles this semester, it's hard to choose just one! Our writer Kathryn wrote a great piece about the interview Emma Watson gave where she briefly mentioned being "self-partnered" that stood out to me for being very detailed, insightful and informative!

What are you most looking forward to next semester?

I can't wait to continue getting to know the incredible people on our team this year, and am so excited to welcome more people into the HCWLU family!

What tips do you have for anyone thinking about joining HCWLU next semester?

Just go for it! Her Campus is a great club for people who want to gain some great resume-boosting skills while being in a supportive and encouraging environment. It's a great club to grow in, and speaking on a personal level, I've learned so much for it, so no regrets!