Marvel Heroes: Hot or Not

Disclaimer: There may be spoilers beyond this point!

In your lifetime, I’m sure you have seen at least one Avengers film. Seriously, if you haven’t, you are missing out! The casting directors of Marvel Studios never fail to impress me with their carefully selected choices. Most of the characters in the MCU impacted many of us in so many different ways and we grew to love them not only because of their beautiful faces but also their arcs. So, without further ado, here is what I think of major Marvel superheroes based on their personalities and looks.

Iron Man a.k.a. Tony Stark

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. I KNOW you heard Tony say those exact words. Anthony Stark is played by Robert Downey Jr. and over the years we have come to love this character despite his sassy demeanor. When we first get to meet Tony, he comes off as a spoiled fuckboy who could care less what anybody thought of him. As his arc progressed, the audience was exposed to the multilayered gumdrop that is Tony Stark.

Though Tony may not be the most attractive of the bunch – to me at least, his intent and character are super lovable. The way this man moves and rebuilds himself, sometimes literally, is admirable without a doubt. His love and devotion towards Pepper inspire viewers to love their partners with a little more passion as well. Hats off to Tony for being the lover of the decade!

Steve Rogers

Ugh. Chris Evans has got to be the BEST choice for Captain America. PERIODT. Though Chris makes Steve unremarkably attractive, I do not find Captain America to be a good man at all. At times I think Captain Rogers is too self-righteous and a bit of a pain in the ass, though the man has an incredible ass! Since arising from his slumber, this Sleeping Beauty spent years looking for his best friend, Bucky, just to leave him behind so he can spend a lifetime with a woman who moved on without him. Though, I understand how difficult moving on really is, I personally find ditching a best friend that you vowed to stick with until the end for someone else to be the utmost betrayal. Yeah, Steve may get like a hundred points for that smoldering beard, but his treatment of a dear friend cost him his crown.

Steve Rogers may be a looker, but I don’t think he deserves to win this beauty pageant.

The Black Panther

The handsome and charming prince-turned-king is played by Chadwick Boseman. His serious yet comedic style instantly crowned him the new heartthrob of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Along with his jaw dropping looks that we got to fawn over, specifically during his fight scenes, the King of Wakanda treads carefully yet gracefully. He remains a supportive and generous man while fighting for his dignity and honour in the name of his people and traditions. While we can ogle over the average Joe for having a six pack, the emotionally appealing component of Black Panther is what won me over.

I don’t know about you, but a person that can stick to their beliefs under significant duress is definitely impressive.

Natasha Romanoff

Portrayed by Scarlett Johansson, Black Widow is without a doubt one of the strongest and sexiest women the MCU introduced that has yet to take our breaths away in her own movie. She is hands down super attractive AND super powerful. Factor in the amount of torture, neglect, abuse and trauma she has endured and then put it together with how much she has developed over the span of a decade or so. When it came down to the worst-case scenario, this incredible hero stepped up to lead S.H.I.E.L.D. Though she spent her entire life yearning for a family, she never got to spend a decent amount of time with them before she made her greatest sacrifice. This babe is DEFINITELY one of the hottest Avengers.

The Hulk

There cannot be a better choice than Mark Ruffalo for the casting of the Incredible Hulk. Mark is without a doubt a hunk in a soft and adorable kind of way. The subtle hint of sexy that he brings onto the selfless character that is Bruce Banner stuck out to me despite the fact he still doesn’t have his own movie. Instead of hiding in a dark cave somewhere in attempt to shield the world from the monster that he thought his alter ego was, Dr. Banner actually learns to face his fears just so he can help the impoverished around the world.


YES. My favourite Marvel hero of all time is the God of Thunder himself. Though he has been adapted from Norse mythology, Thor is, in my honest opinion, the strongest Avenger. Chris Hemsworth brings a comic yet sweet touch to the hot and heroic deity. Starting from his debut film Thor right until Endgame, the hero himself goes through a tremendous amount of character development. Despite losing his brother – multiple times, mother, father, home and girlfriend, Thor remains positive and fights his battles head on. So, yes. Thor is HOT even though cheese whiz courses through his veins and he may not have the muscly abdomen we so admire.

Get the Lord of Hammers his crown please! Oh, and also some beer and cheese whiz, thank you very much.


Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver stole my heart and the directors of the Age of Ultron took it from me and tore it right up. With the little screen time Quicksilver actually had, he managed to win fans over with his quick wits and charm. Many agree that he deserves a movie as well given the ultimate sacrifice he made for another hero who barely gets enough time in the limelight himself. The Maximoff twins came into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as potential villains, but their characters developed quickly to side with the Avengers. As quick as his death was, this hunky hero was definitely a hottie.

With that comes the end of my thirsting over some of the Marvel cast. Of course, there are heroes that weren’t included. If you find any of this disputable or want to ask about one that I may have missed, feel free to reach out and prove your point, if you can!