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Mark McMorris: A National Treasure

Us Canadians have been blessed with a number of cute and quirky Olympic athletes throughout the years. In PyeongChang, Mark McMorris may have caught the eyes of girls across the world, but he’s been in our hearts for much longer than the past month. Here’s a few reasons why this two-time Olympic bronze medalist is a Canadian National treasure.

He’s from Regina

Literally the last place you would expect to breed a professional snowboarder. Like his brother Craig says in the intro of their show, McMorris and McMorris, “They say it’s so flat here, you can watch your dog run away for three days.” This guy sends it every competition despite growing up in the flats of Canada.

He’s a family man

Don and Cindy McMorris are often, if not always, seen supporting him at the Winter X Games, and throughout the Olympics. Not to mention his brother Craig got the gig back in Sochi 2014 to commentate the events Mark was competing in. Mark and the McMorris family are super tight- what’s more Canadian than a supportive family.

He and his brother Craig are probably the funniest bro-duo ever

McMorris and McMorris features Mark and Craig’s lives, but what really stands out is their banter. If you haven’t already, go watch McMorris and McMorris on CraveTV. You’re in for some laughs with Mark, Craig and all their snowboarding buds.

He’s unbreakable

Over his professional career, Mark has suffered from many injuries. However, he has always bounced back. At the 2014 Olympics his nickname was McRib, as he broke his rib days earlier at the X games. He came out with a Bronze. In 2016, Mark broke his right femur at a Big Air event held by Shaun White. Once he healed he was back out on his board getting ready for the next competition. Eleven months prior to these past Olympics, Mark was in a severe accident in Whistler backcountry, which almost cost him his life. He suffered from a fractured jaw, arm, pelvis, and ribs, ruptured spleen and collapsed lung. His recovery for the Olympics was unbelievable and is documented in the movie Unbroken, which aired on CBC on February 7th.

He’s cute as hell

Seriously- boyish good looks, an adrenaline junkie, and super funny. He’s the guy in high school your parents were afraid to let you leave home with, but always brought you home in one piece. He’s a homegrown Canadian boy, making the most of every opportunity he has, and looking good doing it (check out his amazing Instagram). 

The Olympics have come and gone, but our love for Mark McMorris will never fade.

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