Lululemon Items Worth the Splurge

Lululemon specializes in all things active wear and is a staple in the wardrobe of many. I asked the Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier team for their input so that we can share some of our favourite items that are well worth the splurge.

 Studio Pant ($118)

One of my personal favourites, the studio pants are 100% worth the splurge! These pants are SO comfortable and come in TONS of different colours. There is also the option to purchase them lined, unlined and tall, making them the perfect option for anyone on those mild summer nights and cold winter days!

Wunder Under Pant ($98)

Considered a key piece for many, these are one of the most versatile pants that lululemon offers. They come in so many different colours, fabrics and styles that they are perfect for just about any occasion, whether that be a lazy day at home, trying to dress up a bit more or heading to the gym for a workout!

 Speed Tight ($118)

These pants are the perfect workout staple. They stay up, even during the most intense workouts (perfect for dance class!) and they even include a pocket for your phone so you can jam out while working out and take those awesome gym selfies that everyone loves! These pants also have some amazing colour options!

On the Fly Pant ($108-$128) and Align Pant ($98)

One similar to a track pant, the other more of a legging, giving you that “no pants while wearing pants” feeling. Many members of the Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier team swear by these items, claiming if possible, they’d never wear anything else!


Scuba Hoodie ($118)

Another one of my favourites, these are definitely a staple in my wardrobe (currently wearing one as I write this article). This amazing hoodie is SO warm, and comes in so many different colours and fabrics that you can achieve any look you want. The versatility of this hoodie allows you to dress it up and dress it down, and let’s not forget to mention how ridiculously comfortable it is!

Tip: Have an absolute favourite lululemon item but just can’t justify spending the money? Be sure to check out the “We Made Too Much” section on the lululemon website! Often, when a new style or version of an item is being released or there is an abundance of the item in stock, it will be placed in this section for a reduced price. Many of your favourites are often at least 25% off, and I’ve seen as low as half price! The only thing that I would advise you of is that the items in this section are final sale, so if you’re trying out a new item, be sure to try it on in store if possible or refer to the reviews and the sizing chart on the website for advice!

I hope that this article helps with the all too difficult decision of narrowing down which items to get as you stand amidst a plethora of clothes in the fitting room or realize just how full your shopping cart is online… remember, we all need a little retail therapy sometimes!