Life Lessons from Taylor Swift Songs

Having just turned 22 and experiencing my official Taylor Swift birthday, what better time is there to reflect on the many life lessons I have learned from Taylor Swift songs? From crying along with Fifteen after my first day of high school to growing up and slow dancing to Lover with my partner, Taylor’s songs have truly been with me through it all. Here are just a few of the lessons that have carried me through life so far: Taylor Swift Edition.

Be Fearless

One of the most important things I have learned over the course of my life so far is the importance of putting yourself out there and taking a risk. It is said that you only regret the chances you never took, and in every aspect of my life, I have found this to be true. If you love to sing, get up on stage! If you’ve always wanted to skydive, take the plunge and do it! Being Fearless over the past year alone has led me to perform in France, becoming a researcher and following my deepest passions. The possibilities for your life are endless if you just take a chance!

No Bad Blood

Life is hard enough as it is without turning against other people or being Mean. Choose to support the people in your life rather than tearing them down, and if you do have a conflict with someone, do your best to make up! There is nothing as strong and empowering as being a part of a group where everyone lifts each other up and cheers on each other’s successes. Choose to be Better Than Revenge, keep a good Reputation and wholeheartedly support the people in your life.

Shake It Off

Everyone encounters challenges in their lives, and often they are a result of circumstances beyond our control. What we do have control over, though, is how we react to them! We have the power to choose not to spend a single second of our life worrying unnecessarily by deciding to Shake It Off and embrace the situation we’re in. Not only does this acceptance reduce the negative energy in our lives, it provides us with a clear head to think and see how we can problem-solve. Whether it be a mean-spirited comment, an unexpected hardship or a challenge that caught you off guard, you can choose to take a step back, Breathe and process things calmly until you find the best course of action. Don’t let anything or anybody bring you down!

Speak Now

Even though it can be scary, it is so important to speak your mind and be honest about things that are important to you. For the first time this year, I got the courage to start advocating for issues that mattered to me, and it changed my life. We all have the power to make a difference by sharing our perspectives and fighting for what is right. You don’t want to be left wondering if you Should’ve Said No and stood up for what you believed in. Stay true to yourself and the things you love and let everybody else Call It What (They) Want!

Everything Has Changed…And that’s a good thing!

No matter where you are at in your life, things will Change. You won’t be the same person this time next year, and that’s actually a really positive thing. Change is what allows us to grow, flourish and become the person we are meant to be. Meeting new people, experiencing new things and taking chances can all shape the person we will become, and that is such a gift. I can’t wait to continue changing and growing throughout the rest of my life, as change is how things get better.

If you are ever feeling down or confused about life, I hope that these life lessons will help you remember that you are Gorgeous, Untouchable and you shine like Starlight. You will find A Place In This World, and if you’re in a hard place right now, know that the Daylight will come. Stay Beautiful, be yourself and make your Wildest Dreams come true. Taylor and I both believe in you!