Life Lessons Every University Student Learns

University is definitely a time of growth for students. Through the ups and downs of these eventful years you take away some essential life lessons. We’ve put together a few life lessons we are sure you won’t leave your undergrad without.


1.You learn that being financially wise is hard

A lot of students come to university and have to learn how to manage their money and pay for everything themselves. After a few maxed out credit cards and empty chequing accounts, you’ve hopefully learned to manage your money.

2. You learn that you cannot exist solely on Kraft Dinner when cooking for yourself

That freshman 15 will quickly get you realizing that you need a balanced diet. By the time you graduate you’ll have a better understanding of why boxed meals are your worst enemy, despite their convenience.

3. You learn that procrastinating is an awful approach to school work

You’ll spend a lot of late nights in the library kicking yourself for not starting the assignment due in 24 hours that was assigned 3 weeks earlier.

4. But you also learn that either way you will always manage to get everything done

Submitting that assignment at 11:59, just on time, still counts.

5. You learn that love sucks

What is university without a few heartbreaks?

6. But is also one of the best things you’ll experience

The ups seem to outweigh the downs of those heartaches.

7. You learn that sleep will be your best friend forever

Stressed? Sleep.

Sad? Sleep.

Tired? Sleep.

Hung over? Sleep.


8. You learn to never be afraid to fall back on your friends

University and life are hard. You’ll learn whom you can count on, because it is impossible to get through everything on your own.


9. You learn that a lot of people are temporary

In the time that you are in university, a lot of people will come and go. By the end you’ll learn it’s often for the better.


10. You learn your alcohol limits

There will be a few nights where you sleep with your head over the toilet before you learn this one, but nonetheless, you’ll learn how many beers you can have before tapping out.


11. You learn how long you can go without showering/washing your hair

Exam season tests your hygiene and you’ll learn how long you can go without showering before people start avoiding you.


12. You learn true determination

University is where you learn true determination, because without it we would all probably fail out.


13. You learn who you really are

Through all these experiences and new life lessons, you’ll find yourself and who this new world has shaped you to be.



Some of these experiences are better than others, but in the end you’ll come out on top better than ever and ready for the real world!