Laurier Helped Me Find My “Forever Friends”

The idea of “forever friends” was never a concept that I could completely grasp, as I always believed that friends would come and go in our lives. It wasn't until I started my first year at Laurier that I fully understood what it meant to meet complete strangers who would soon become like family. 

Of course, at first I was nervous, as every new experience entails some sort of uncomfortable feelings; however, I never anticipated that I would be able to become such close friends with people I had just met. I had always heard of “roommate” horror stories, so a part of me was worried I would be in the same situation as many others. However, my experience was the complete opposite. 

My first year of university, now three years ago, introduced me to some of the greatest people I have ever met. Within weeks of meeting my new roommates, two of the girls I had been placed with became some of my closest friends. There was an instant bond the three of us shared, and we have been living together ever since. It was incredible to feel at home with individuals I hadn't even known the week prior.  That being said, we also established a quick and incredible bond with our floor mates, who to this day we still live with. 

I am beyond grateful for Laurier placing me with such amazing people who, three years later, are individuals I consider my second family. 
With that said, here are a few of the most memorable perks from the last three years that I will always cherish. 

1. Late night talks

Nothing beats being able to walk across the apartment, or down the hall at three a.m. when you want to have a good ol’ heart-to-heart. We either find ourselves all squeezed into someone’s bedroom, or out in the kitchen midnight snacking. Whether it be needing a friend to talk to, or simply out of boredom, someone is always awake to listen to you vent about everything — or nothing.

2. There’s always someone to go out with

Pre-gaming alone is boring — but pre-gaming with your people: the best. A big benefit of living with friends is that there is always someone willing to go out with you. If the roommates aren't interested tonight, there’s a good chance one of the floor-mates is. However, there’s nothing better than the whole group pre-gaming and hitting the bar together. We have made countless memories over the last three years, some of which we can’t remember — but at least we know we had a good time, right? 

3. Always someone to come home with.

Almost as fun as the pre and the night itself, is the walk home from the night out. Pizza? Shawarma? Grilled Cheese? There is always food on our minds when we leave the bar, and it’s doubtful that anyone is going to turn down post-bar food. That said, getting home from a night out with your friends is an adventure in itself. We've all picked each other up off the snowy ground once or twice — and honestly, the laughing fits are countless. 
4. Inside jokes and “floor language.”

After living with each other for the last three years, we've accumulated one too many inside jokes — some of which we would prefer to not relive, but nonetheless, are memories that can’t be forgotten. STS, snow-filled grilled cheeses and “Waves” are just a few that come to mind. Not only do we have a number of inside jokes, but we all also use phrases that have simply become common knowledge to all of us. Those who are not part of our floor must think we are super odd.

5. Advice, advice, advice 

Whether it be if the text we’re about to send is too risky, outfit choices or big life decisions — they are always there to give you their two cents, and vice versa 

6. Having someone to help you out in tough situations 

This one applies to a number of instances. Holding your head over a toilet after a long night? We got you. Calling you with an “emergency” when he's overstayed his welcome? We got you. Taking out your contacts when using your own hands is too much work? We got you. Whether it be for something serious or minor, I know I can count on my friends to help me out if I'm in a sticky situation. 

7. Sharing is caring. 

Having two roommates that also double as your best friends mean two extra wardrobes, double the shoes — and most importantly — if you made enough food to feed a small village, it becomes a “feed the floor” situation. Sharing our things is normal; in fact, if you haven't eaten, there’s a guarantee you're going to be fed. If your shoes don't match your outfit, there’s a good chance someone has a pair that does. 

8. Jam sessions and dance parties. 

This one is a big perk across my friend group, as we all have similar music tastes and share a bond because of that. Having sing-alongs and dancing around our kitchen has become a common occurrence. Nothing beats R&B throwbacks and of course, our roommate song: “Before He Cheats.” 

9. Their people are now your people. 

Not only were we lucky to be placed with each other in first year, but being roomed with each other also came with the benefit of meeting everyone’s “home” friends and family. Introducing our “home” people to our “university” people is super heartwarming, as they get to see where each of us came from — and even better, they have become a part of our extended family now too. 

10. You can always rely on them for an honest pep talk. 

One of my favourite parts of living with this group of people is that we don't sugar coat anything. Although sometimes it’s not what I want to hear, I can count on them to shake me when I need a rude awakening — and vice versa. Sometimes your friend gets back together with their not-so-great ex, and even though it may come off as harsh, at the end of the day we all know that we have each other’s best interests in mind. We love each other and look out for each other — which, bottom line, is what friends are for. 
11. No judgment zone. 

With that being said, it has become a no judgement zone between all of us. Seriously, you don't wanna wear pants today? No problem. You want to order Uber Eats for the third time this week? Count me in. Binge-watch a whole season of The Ranch? Absolutely. The main point is that we've seen each other at our best and worst moments. No judgement: point blank, period. 

12. Lastly, there is always someone to discuss last night’s adventure with. 

Rolling out of bed with last night’s makeup on and a pounding headache can always be fixed by going into your roommate’s bedroom the next morning. Not only are they probably recovering just as hard as you right now, but telling stories, recounting and laughing about the night before is always done better with your best friends. 

Laurier deserves a big thank you for placing me with such incredible people that quickly became my home away from home. And of course, to my friends, there is no other people I’d rather spend my university years and beyond with. The moral of the story is: university will without a doubt test your limits and likely kick you around a few times — but at the end of the day, I have found forever friends that make it all worth it.