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Lauren Conrad is a fashion designer, author, and television personality. For many of us, we followed Lauren through her life on Laguna Beach and The Hills. We went through her breakups and makeups, her life at Teen Vogue, and then followed her journey after Reality TV with marriage, babies, books, fashion and more! Lauren is truly an amazing individual who never goes unnoticed due to her witty humour and smart senses. She has created an empire for herself after leaving Reality TV, and her quotes from The Hills will forever guide us through life. Need a quote to live by? Well, you’re just in luck! These are so truthful, you will forever swear by them.

Boy Trouble?

Time For a Reality Check

Thinking About Settling?

Need A Good Reminder?

Moving On From Those Not Worth Your Time Going Through a Breakup?

Dealing With Ex-Best Friends Doubting People In Your Life

Trying Not to Be a Bitch To Those Around You

Remembering How You Should Always Be Treated

Learning To Move On from People

Trying to Remember to Think Before You Speak

Deciding To Do Something About The Things You Want To Change in Your Life

Be Nice, It’s a Much Better Lifestyle!

Want to learn more about Lauren and her journey through the spotlight? Check out her mini documentary! 

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