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Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is officially upon us — and with it come all of the parties and festivities that we’ve all been waiting for since last Halloween. It might be fun to look forward to all of the fun and games, but in the middle of all the excitement it might be easy to forget about one very essential spooky season thing: the costume. No party this time of year is fun without a costume, but midterm season tends to keep even the best of us distracted. Here are a few ideas for some cute last-minute costumes that you can probably find in the back of your closet!

Cat Costume

The ever-so-popular cat costume probably takes the cake for being as easy as it is cute. Pair a little black dress or a black shirt with some black leggings — to beat this bitter weather — for a mystical black cat vibe to make the haters superstitious. Pair with cat ears, if you have them or else glue two pieces of construction paper cut into triangle shapes onto a plain headband. Don’t forget to add the tail and you’ll be set to go.

P.S: any “Mean Girls” fan worth their salt knows that this same process can be replicated to make a mouse costume (Duh!) or pretty much any other cute animal, like a bear or a puppy!

Literally any onesie ever:

This October weather has us all quivering to the bone, so one way to stay warm and seasonally appropriate is by wearing a onesie. It’s quick, easy and comfortable — not to mention friggin’ adorable! Onesies come in all colors and patterns and a lot of them have hoods that look like the face of an animal or creature, so it’s almost like a mask, but better!

 Three-hole punch Jim:

 Whether it’s an homage or you’re just doing it ironically, sticking three large circles cut from some construction paper might just be the easiest DIY costume on this list. Pair with a white button shirt, some khaki pants or dress pants and the classic, good “Ol’ Jim Halpert” face as a reaction to literally everything anyone says to you all night. It’s all for the aesthetic, dude!     

P.S: If you’re not really feeling the three-hole punch Jim vibe, then there’s another costume out there for all you Halpert fans. Simply take a marker or sharpie, ideally in black and write the word “Book” across your face in big letters.

 Any mask ever:

 Ghostface, anyone? Michael Myers? The Boogieman? The Jigsaw Killer? Frankly, the list is eternal and goes on and on and these costumes fall under some of the easiest ones around. Head to one of the many stores that carry Halloween supplies this time of year, snag any one of the masks and call it a day … or night.

That’s that, folks! A short list of some of the easiest costumes you’ll ever need to enjoy this Halloween night! Happy Halloween and stay spooky, Golden Hawks!

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