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The Key to Instagram is Captions

I don’t know if there’s anything more stressful than coming up with a good Instagram caption. You sit there and think of a million different options, then send the picture to your group chat asking them if they have any ideas. You listen to songs and hope you find a line that works with your picture. You might even go as far as Googling “funny Instagram captions” (don’t lie, we’ve all done it). Lucky for you, I have a reputation of coming up with creative captions, and I’ve created some tips to help making captions easier.

Play on lyrics from a song.

Take a song lyric and change it to fit with your picture.

Use inspirational quotes.

Sometimes using an inspirational quote adds some humour to your picture (especially for boys!).

Make jokes about things that are in the picture.

Almost anything can be turned into a joke. You can even make a joke about yourself.

If you’re comfortable with it, make an inappropriate joke.


Use popular trends.

Add those “back at it again” and “bone app the teeth” trends to your captions to create some humour. 

Be “punny”

Puns are fun, and funny. Always make puns in your captions. 

When in doubt, location it out.

Incorporate the location of your picture into the caption.

Steal captions from other people.

If you see someone else’s caption that you like, steal it and make it your own. If you steal it, always change the caption a little because plagiarism is a big NO-NO!!

Even though this article is about stressing over captions, try not to stress about them. If you are struggling, slide into my DM’s, and I can try to help.



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