The Job Hunt: As Told by Disney

‘Tis the season to apply for summer jobs and internships.

You land an interview, and as soon as you’re out of that door you know it’s the only place you want to work,

And you totally nailed the interview.

You wake up the next morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed, today’s the day!

But there’s no email…

So you wait a few minutes,

And check again just to be sure, but still, nothing.

So you try to keep yourself busy,

And still nothing.

This keeps happening for what seems like an eternity!

You start to feel rejected…

You obsess over every little thing in your interview to anyone who will listen.

And then finally, the email comes!!!

It’s time to apologize to everyone who has been dealing with you throughout this whole process, because they were the reason you stayed somewhat sane.

Now it’s time to get ready to show that job who’s boss!

The waiting game can be tough, but we know you can get through it!


Congratulations to all those chosen to work at Disney this summer, including our very own Danielle! Her Campus hopes it's a dream come true!