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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier chapter.

In today’s world, anyone can be a celebrity and garner the attention of millions, thanks to social media. And it’s not just models and actors who are taking advantage of this opportunity. Many businesses and organizations have also taken note and created an online presence. 

As someone who, in a sense, grew up in the digital age and as a student pursuing opportunities in the creative industry, many are shocked and disappointed to hear that I have minimal social media presence. My friends have been bugging and bugging me to get Instagram, but I can’t help but feel like I missed my window of opportunity. I have a lot of ambitions, such as owning my own business and landing a book deal, but I worry that these opportunities will dry up if I don’t already have the numbers to support my work. So, is it too late to start a following? 

Despite all my moral panic over the issue, the general consensus seems to be absolutely not. It is never too late and there actually might even be some hidden benefits to arriving a little late to this party. Here is some advice that we found useful when starting out: 

There is no shortage of opportunities

Sure, it may seem like it’s hard to make up the leeway when there is an excessive number of influencers out there, but work on finding the right opportunity you. There are new apps invented every day, so you don’t feel like you have to stick traditional platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We’ve already seen so many companies come and go, so don’t be afraid to get creative and pursue different avenues. Your claim to fame could even be inventing the next big thing! 

You’ve taken the time to season your skills 

You don’t have to always be the pioneer of every platform. Take it from a middle child, sometimes it’s better to let someone else go first and learn from their mistakes. Be glad your thirteen-year-old self wasn’t on the internet documenting her life, because you’ve probably avoided a PR nightmare. The good news, too, is that technology and social media platforms are very established now and all the kinks have been worked out, so it should be smooth sailing from here on out. However, if you’re having trouble, there are a million and one how-to videos available at your fingertips and you can even hire someone to manage your accounts as their job! 


There are other ways to get noticed besides social media 

It’s important to remember that social media isn’t the only way to get noticed – do things the old-fashioned way! Believe it or not, there was a world before Snapchat and LinkedIn ran your life, so get noticed for working hard and doing the things you love. Try going above and beyond in your everyday life and make meaningful connections in person at your workplace or in your community; chances are, they will get you just as far. Like I said, that following doesn’t have to be on social media, but get your name out there: try writing for your local publication, getting involved or something small like starting a club. Find something that will set you aside from the rest. 

Just be patient 

However, if you are taking the social media route, just remember that it takes time. Even though it may seem that there are all these people popping up overnight, they really aren’t. Anyone working in the business industry will tell you that behind every overnight success story is persistence and about ten years of hard work, so don’t get discouraged if you aren’t exactly where you wanted to be right away. Sit tight and be patient, it will happen eventually! 


We’ll all get there someday girl! 

Emily Waitson

Wilfrid Laurier '20

Emily is a twenty-something fourth-year student majoring in English and History. She has a passion for writing, internet-famous cats, and sappy books.
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