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The famous pop star dating a famous football player sounds like a good romance book, right? Well, what if it was true? That’s right, Taylor Swift, also known as T-Swift, was spotted at a Kansas City Chiefs game on September 24th and again on October 1st cheering on Travis Kelce, one of the players. Now, are they dating or is this some kind of publicity stunt? Well, we don’t know for sure but it certainly seems like they’re together. 

How did these two meet? Well, it started with Travis Kelce saying that he was disappointed to not give a friendship bracelet that he made with his number on it to Taylor Swift at one of her shows, hinting that he wanted to start something or was he just a hopeless romantic? Taylor Swift ended up making an appearance at his game on the 24th of September, which amazed both the football and the Swifty communities. She was seen being very friendly with Travis’s mother and in some instances, cheering louder than Travis’s own mother. This confirmed that the player in question that she was cheering for was in fact, Travis and the speculation that they were dating began. Soon after, the NFL started bragging about her appearance to boost ticket sales for the following game. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were spotted leaving the stadium together, even driving away in what Swifties would call, a “getaway car.” 

At the following game, Taylor also appeared with some of her friends, including Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Sabrina Carpenter. After the game, a picture began to circulate with Taylor posed with her arm around Travis’s neck, further fueling dating rumours. While most of the evidence points towards them dating, some people believe that there’s a chance it’s a massive publicity stunt given the NFL’s efforts to up-sell their relationship and her appearance at the games. They have been doing this by playing her songs every time Travis is in view and changing their bio on most social media platforms. An example was seen on TikTok, where they edited their bio to say, “Taylor was here,” which supports the speculations about a possible media stunt.

The evidence surrounding Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s dating life is overwhelming, with public appearances at his games, leaving together and pictures of them in close proximity. Although Travis would be an ideal match for her, history shows that Taylor Swift has a reputation for leaving clues for her fans in songs or videos. Could this be an Easter egg? Perhaps a teaser for the release of Reputation (TS), or is their relationship real? So far, this is the evidence we have, so I guess we will have to wait for the next Chief’s game on October 8th to see if she makes an appearance and if this story continues.  

Taylor Harding

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