The Importance of Trying Fashion Styles Outside of Your Comfort Zone

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had many style changes over the years - especially throughout high school. Some incredibly tragic style choices were made that I never want to think about ever again.

During this break in activity, I was inspired to challenge myself to take photos in a few different outfits that I would never usually consider wearing due to different reasons (comfort, feeling self-conscious, etc.). Honestly, I expected to hate doing it and come away with the feeling that I was right to dislike the outfits and continue to let them sit in my closet for months on end.

However, I ended up being pleasantly surprised!

The first style I challenged myself to try out again was a bralette and skort combination. I have an incredibly cute black bralette that I bought from Hollister a few years ago, but I only tend to wear it under things when I don’t want to wear a bra with an underwire. However, I have always been inspired to wear it with a pair of high waisted shorts/skort as I have seen it on others and always really liked how it looked.

I did feel a bit awkward posing for the photo, but I ended up really enjoying the outfit. I definitely think I would wear some combination of this out and would have fun finding a neat pair of shoes to pair with the ensemble.

Second, I set out to try something strapless, as I usually avoid strapless whenever I can. As someone with a small chest, I avoid shirts/dresses in this style as I find that they either don’t fit properly or make me feel self-conscious.

There is one jean strapless onesie that I have, however. I have always liked it but could never find a reason to wear it. This article gave me a perfect excuse to try it out and see if I could fall in love with it again!

Overall, I ended up really liking this outfit. While the top is still slightly big, the structure of the top of the onesie (it has boning) ensured that I still felt secure and comfortable in it. Additionally, I learned that I really like my hair in a side ponytail, a hairstyle that I never wear yet decided to pair with this outfit as I knew it would make the top of the onesie more visible for photos.

If you’re like me and tend to stay in your comfort zone too much when it comes to fashion, I encourage you to take inspiration from this article and try a few new styles out! Even if it doesn’t work out, you may discover that you still get inspiration from the experience.

2020 is the year to try new things, and fashion has never been more fun to experiment with!