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The Importance of Bra Health: Just For You, Fine Lingerie

If you wear a bra, you know the struggles that come with it. First, it’s finding the right size and cup, next it’s dealing with it stretching after you find that exact “perfect” size. The worst part is that you pay so much money for a bra from La Senza that stretches and is ruined within a few months. The solution to this problem? Finding a place that cares for your boobs.

Luckily enough, I found a place.

I did a bra fitting with my mom at Just for You, Fine Lingerie, and my whole outlook on bras have changed. My friend who works there suggested we come in and I’m so glad we did. Not only did I find two amazing bras (among many other potential choices), but the experience was amazing in itself.

So What is Just for You Fine Lingerie?

This store is located in the Shops at Waterloo Town Square, very close to Beer Town, owned by Janice Welch. She discovered that about 85% of women are walking around with ill-fitting bras and wanted to change this. She opened Just For You in hopes that women will not have to face the dilemma of wearing a bra that didn’t fit just right.

The employees that work at this store care about their clients, and work with them to ensure they have the best fitting bra. It’s meant to be a personal experience, and they ensure that every bra that is tried on fits. They want to make sure you walk out feeling confident in yourself and your bra.

The Fitting Process

With about 30 minutes of your time, you are brought back to the privacy of one of three large changing rooms! The employees measure you above and below your bust to find the bust size and then measures across your chest to determine the cup size. Your bra isn’t supposed to be supported by the straps, but actually the bottom of the cup, which is tested by the employee each bra. If you don’t feel comfortable with touching, they are able to explain the procedure to allow you to test the bra yourself! (We love accommodations)

The fitting is free, and it is to ensure that you will find a bra that fits you just right! There are so many different styles for all different sizes! The best part, the store has bras that range from AA – K cups, with back sizes 28-50 (La Senza could never). There are bras for every size, age and shape! 

With these measurements, you often leave with a different size than you once thought! From La Senza, I’m a 34-B, but I left Just For You as a 30-D! The proper fitting allows you to determine what your actual size is!


There are many different styles that are stocked in this store, all from Europe. These include Elomi, Chantelle, Freya and Simone Perele, to name a few! A lot of these styles are designed for larger busted women, and accommodate the issues that larger busted women have to deal with!

No matter the size, all the bras are fun! They don’t want you to have to only wear plain beige bras if you have larger breasts. They carry fun and sexy styles in every size! They want everyone to leave feeling amazing in the bra they’re in!

They also don’t just carry bras! You can find pajamas, swimwear and robes at Just For You as well!

My Experience

I had so much fun getting my bra fitted professionally. I felt comfortable the whole time and had fun looking at all the different styles that Just For You offers. My mom also had a great time, and really appreciated the experience as well. Properly fitting bras are so important for our health and we need to be more aware of this!

As my friend from the store says, “these are our breasts and we need to treat them with the same respect and care we give the rest of our body!”

I left the store with a sports bra and a super cute underwired bra. I was always so against underwired bras, but after getting fitted properly, I found out it wasn’t the underwire that was the problem, it was the wrong fitting.

The prices are higher than those of La Senza and other bra stores, but you are getting the quality you deserve! So one day, splurge and get yourself a properly fitted bra.

Your back, and boobs will thank you.



If you’d like to do any more research, check out the Just For You Fine Lingerie website!

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