How Weed Impacts Your Sex Life

Being a fairly frequent user of cannabis, I am pretty familiar with how it affects a relationship. One of the largest areas that becomes impacted is your relationship in bed. Things start to feel different, look different and be done differently in both good and bad ways.

Disclaimer: Weed affects everyone differently and depending on the strain or method of consumption, these effects may or may not occur.

Here are a few of the pros…

Enhanced feelings

When you are under the influence of weed, your senses are often heightened; everything feels stronger and more intense. Weed can send signals to your brain that will stimulate feelings of relaxation, euphoria and emotion which are all beneficial in the bedroom.

Orgasms are stronger

Not only do they feel better from the enhanced stimulation of your senses, but time seems to slow down and they feel like they last for a whole minute. One full minute of intense orgasming = WIN. This goes for both the males and females, although naturally the female orgasm tends to last longer, so there will still be differences between the ladies and gents.

Desire is increased

Again, due to the enhanced feelings, your sex drive also increases quite significantly when you are high. Your brain is firing out more signals of pleasure, and when something or someone turns you on, you are likely to feel it more intensely than you could before.

Here are the cons…


In the same way that some strains can give you cottonmouth, they can also make it harder to self-lubricate down there. Your body, although turned on, has a harder time prepping you for intercourse. This can be easily fixed with a little bit of lube from the store, and in my opinion well worth it for the benefits you get.

Low sperm count

This one only really applies if you are trying to get pregnant, but your partner may end up with lower sperm production from smoking weed. That being said, this is not a way to prevent pregnancy, it just lowers your chances of becoming pregnant from unprotected sex.

Getting too high

So, weed is definitely beneficial to the overall act of having sex, BUT the key is small amounts. If you go big and rip a fat bowl, you are likely going to become a couch potato and just want to eat copious amounts of food. It can also be more difficult for guys to get hard when they are too high.

Overall, weed isn’t going to have any drastic negative impacts on your sex life, it may actually help to improve it. If you have trouble finishing, or just want to have a more intense experience, weed is definitely a fun way to spice up your sex life.