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How to Dress Like the Characters from Emily in Paris

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*Spoiler warning: this article discusses some key plot points in the show

If you’re anything like me, you probably binge-watched the latest season of Emily in Paris in two days. Sure, the show can be cringey at times and maybe it glorifies Paris too much, but you have to admit that it’s so damn addicting to watch! The storyline is light and easy to watch, allowing us to escape our current reality of quarantine and COVID *cries in Ontario*. I’m so happy Emily in Paris was signed for a third and fourth season, especially since the season finale ended with such a massive cliff-hanger. I’m dying to know if Emily stays at Savoir or not! Does she choose Gabriel or Alfie?!

I think the ultimate reason why many of us still watch the show, other than for Gabriel and Alfie (duhhh), is to analyze each character’s outfits. If you haven’t heard it already, there was a debate surfacing online about Emily’s wardrobe choices. To which Patricia Field and Marylin Fitoussi, the costume designers on set, have responded with “We don’t care. Too much good taste can be boring.”, and I fully agree! While some audiences may critique Emily’s style as being très ringarde, others may describe her style as très chic! I personally think her style is a statement of her character’s bubbly and contagious spirit. Although, I do gravitate more toward Camille’s outfits. I can appreciate that each character has their own specific aesthetic, which plays a part in the physicality and temperature of their personalities. So, after binge-watching the latest season, I have listed a few key pieces you might find in Emily, Camille and Mindy’s closets and where to get them on a budget(because as students, we’re not going to be dressing head to toe in $700 outfits daily).


As soon as Emily arrives in Paris, her American style is elevated with a slight Parisian flare. It’s very clear that she is inspired by the greatest style icons. In a way, Emily resonates with most of us who deal with complicated relationships, messy situations and bright and dark days. Despite her daily challenges, Emily continues to navigate her journey in Paris with an optimistic outlook on life. If you can relate to Emily’s vibrant nature, you’re going to want to look for colours, prints, styles, shapes and textures. I could also see Patricia Field and Marylin Fitoussi being inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Blair Waldorf for Emily’s wardrobe. Last season, Emily wore a lot of berets, wool coats and fluffy blouses. This season especially, we saw Emily wearing fingerless gloves (not exactly a fan of these, but I’ll allow it), silk scarves, oversized sunglasses, quirky handbags and bucket hats! If this inspires you, head over to H&M, Nordstrom, Off Saks Fifth Avenue and Zara, to find those extravagant outfits and statement pieces, as well as Kate Spade for her handbags. Who can forget Emily’s iconic camera iPhone case too! You can find a similar model on casetify.com.  


I would describe Camille’s core aesthetic as being very minimal, avant-garde and gender-neutral. Her style is what many of us strive to achieve in our daily looks. She’s what GenZ calls the “clean girl” aesthetic. Very modern and pure French, but also business casual. Rarely do we ever see Camille in colour. Her wardrobe consists of a monochromatic colour scheme, with lots of black, white and neutrals. When looking for pieces that Camille would wear, make sure to search for oversized Balmain jackets, slacks, wide-leg pants, simple tees, anything tweed, large black sunglasses and loafers. You can easily find these pieces at Zara, Aritzia, Abercrombie or Banana Republic


If I were to ever find myself working abroad, in Paris all alone, I could only hope to find a friend like Mindy to keep me entertained. Don’t lie! I know you were singing “Mon Soleil” by the time you finished season two. You probably went as far as to download the song on your phone too. “Bonsoir, enchantée…” Mindy is sexy and confident, which is easily reflected in her camp/Broadway-like outfits. Her style consists of neon colours, glitter suits, mini dresses, off-the-shoulder blouses and corset tops. You can find these pieces at Zara, Pretty Little Thing, Oh Polly and Nordstrom

I am so excited to see what is planned for these characters and their outfits in season three! I hope this has inspired you or helped you analyze their wardrobes further. If not, I hope you at least enjoyed reading. Bonne chance!



Sabrina DeCosta

Wilfrid Laurier '22

Sabrina is a fourth-year student at Wilfrid Laurier University. When she is not writing, Sabrina is cuddling with her Labradoodle, sketching or obsessing over Gilmore Girls! Sabrina also loves travelling and spending time with her friends and family.
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