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How ‘The Five Minute Journal’ Changed My Life

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I struggled to find structure in my life ever since I came to university. My life changed and so did my routine. I tried implementing daily activities to get me back on track, however, nothing worked. I first heard of The Five Minute Journal from TikTok. It was a part of many people’s morning and nighttime routines. When I saw it at Indigo, I thought I’d cave and buy the $30 journal because I was desperate to change my life for the better.

The first couple of pages were filled with typical life-changing claims and reasons why this journal was better than others and me being me, I rolled my eyes and just flipped to the first page to get started. The first thing I saw was a quote, I thought “That’s so cheesy what a waste of $30.” And then I saw the weekly prompt and it slowly changed my mind. I thought maybe this journal was different. The weekly prompt was to text someone you love that you haven’t talked to in a while a heartfelt message. Something so simple yet so meaningful. Plus, you have a week to accomplish this so if you’re like me and procrastinate texting people, you’ll have time to think about what you want to say. I texted a friend from my hometown that I haven’t seen since high school. It felt nice to talk to them again and truthfully, without the prompt, I don’t know if I would’ve thought to text them so, this was great!

The journal also makes you write down what reward you’ll give yourself if you consistently write in it day and night for five days. I promised myself a doughnut from Tim Hortons. But you can reward yourself with a shopping spree, a night out with friends, getting your nails done or anything that makes you happy and will keep you motivated throughout the process.

The journal is separated into morning and night so you only have to write in it twice a day, and it really does only take 5 minutes. These five minutes set me up for the rest of my day and somehow even with me being one of the laziest people that I know, I’ve actually committed to writing in it daily.

The journal comes in seven different colours so you can personalize it as you like. I got a pretty dark green colour and honesty just the aesthetic of the journal is enough reason for you to buy it.

So, if you’re like me and need some structure in your life to feel productive. I’d highly recommend purchasing this or even better, asking for it for Christmas. It might change your life too!

Kayla Banning

Wilfrid Laurier '27

Hi everyone!! My name is Kayla and I'm a first year studying communications at Wilfrid Laurier University. I'm originally from Hamilton which is about an hour away from Waterloo. I am apart of the writing team here at Her Campus WLU and am very grateful for the opportunity to write on a big platform. Through my communications major I have discovered that I love media and I love to write. At my high school I was a Prefect which means I helped students adjust to the change from elementary school into high school. I know it can be a difficult adjustment which is why I want to help other first years feel comfortable and welcome during their adjustment from high school into university. During my high school years I worked at a grocery store where I managed customer service and helped train new employees. In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, watching movies, and hanging out with my dog when I'm at home. My favourite book would have to be the Secret History by Donna Tartt (if you haven't read it yet i highly recommend), another few favourites are Normal People, The Catcher in the Rye, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and the Shatter Me series. My all time favourite artist would have to be Lana Del Rey and a very close second are the Arctic Monkeys. As for movies I have a wide range of favourites including Dead Poets Society, Gone Girl, The Breakfast Club, Black Swan, Alice in Wonderland, Clueless, and Little Women. My doggy is 8 years old and is the most precious thing in my life. I love any kind of animal but dogs are probably my favourite. A lot of my humour stems from the show New Girl and if you see me I'll probably be drinking a Dr.Pepper. Anyways, thank you for reading Her Campus and I look forward to writing to you!