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Moving to a new city can be very daunting. Whether it is for work or for school, living on your own in a new environment is stressful. You will feel uneasy, out of place and slightly scared, and that is all okay. However, there are things you can do that can lessen the amount of stress. Between packing up your belongings and moving into your new residency, little things can go a long way.

The first thing to do would be to bring something that reminds you of home. It could be a map of your city or a picture that you like; having something that reminds you of where you came from will be very useful when you are homesick. Another great thing is to learn your favourite childhood recipe. That way if you ever need a piece of home you can whip it up. Something as small as this will make a world of difference as you start to acclimate to your new home. It’s another nice reminder of home and will help you not lose sight of why you moved.

Another great thing is to look up the area you are moving into to. That doesn’t mean you should pop a quick Google search and look at neighbourhood statistics. Instead, look at maps and try to see how close you are to things you are going to need. Where is the nearest doctor’s office, grocery store and pharmacy? Something will eventually happen and you are going to need these services, so knowing where they are before you move will help to put your mind at ease.

Finally, when moving to a new city you should familiarize yourself with your neighbourhood once you move in. Take the time to go for a walk and to do some of the touristy things. It will take a while to get used to the new culture so there is no better time to start that process than the present. Before you know it, you will be the one pointing out the tourists, but for the time being allow yourself to be one. Go and look at the local attractions, as it will help you get your footing.

Overall, moving to a new city can be scary and anxiety-inducing, and it will be one of the more stressful things you go through. However, it will all be worth it as with change comes new opportunity. Don’t lose sight of all the wonderful things around you as you try to navigate your new surroundings. Instead, soak up the feeling of excitement because before you know it, you’re going to feel like a local.

Adrianna Pater

Wilfrid Laurier '21

Adrianna - 4th year Film and Management student at Wilfrid Laurier University. You will probably find me at the library. Instagram @AddiePater
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