How to Survive a Canadian Winter

If you’re from Canada, you know the pain of stepping outside in negative degree weather and feeling that cold, crisp, air hit your face. We know you wake up wishing for a snow day every single day. Unfortunately, those don’t come easy in the Great White North. Fear not, we are here to help you survive these next few freezing months.

Layer up

The cold months are NOT about fashion. Wear tights or leggings under sweatpants and avoid ripped jeans. There is nothing worse than losing feeling in your body when skin is exposed. Also, layer shirts under sweatshirts and long sleeves to maximize warmth!

Have hot drinks

Winter is the perfect excuse to try all of those fancy hot Starbucks drinks you’ve been eyeing. Major tip: avoid iced coffees! Yes, iced coffee is good for the soul, but no gloves are warm enough to protect you from that extra coldness. Instead, go for a hot coffee, tea, latte, or hot chocolate to keep you warm on the inside! 

Wear proper footwear!

Yes, your Nike running shoes and Aldo booties are your fav, but they are not suitable for the icy ground! Wear proper winter boots with grips on the bottom so you can minimize the number of spills you take.

Stay in!

Winter is the perfect time to cuddle up by the fire with family, friends or any significant others. If you don’t have anywhere pressing to go, stay off the roads. And if you have to go outside, make sure you have winter tires on and are driving SAFELY.

Take Advantage!

If you’re a snowbird and winter is your thing, take advantage of the snow! Go skiing, skating, tubing, or maybe make a snowman. Enjoy winter and all Canada has to offer, not many places get this kind of weather!