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Mornings can be difficult, especially if you are not a morning person. As someone who struggles to get out of bed, I feel obligated to help my fellow sleep enthusiasts out. So, here are some tips in no particular order.

An important, yet very much disliked, aspect of the morning is the alarm. I personally got tired of the traditional soul-crushing sounds of urgency, and instead have turned to something a little more pleasant. I use the app Dawn Chorus, which allows you to mix and match bird sounds to create your desired wake up call. 
Another thing to take into account is routine. Making your bed in the morning is a good habit to get into, and will make your evening routine easier. While making the bed, you can daydream about the great sleep you’ll get later. 

Make a nice breakfast. If you have something like breakfast to look forward to, it will be easier to skip the snooze button and go straight to getting ready. Food is an effective motivator. Also, don’t forget to have your coffee, medications and vitamins put in a place that you won’t overlook. 

Have everything laid out and ready to go the night before to remove as much morning stress as possible. A great example is to lay out your clothes, always try and dress to impress, but also dress for the weather — this is Canada after all. Also, remember to review your calendar and planner to avoid any unwanted surprises. 

Skin care and dental hygiene should both be looked after before you leave the house. Both of these activities have the potential to wake you up, whether it’s the water on your face or the mintiness of the toothpaste on your tongue. An emergency makeup and toothbrush bag is always a good idea when you’re going out and about.  

Even before you get out of bed, consider taking some time to stretch and meditate. Allow your mind and body to come to terms with the situation — reflect on the day ahead, explore your hopes and intentions and give yourself at least one thing to look forward to that day. 

Place a pair of slippers and a warm robe nearby so the chill of the morning doesn’t deter you from getting up and at ‘em. 

Finally, I find fresh air really helps to wake me up, so I would say as soon as you can get out of the house, do so. If the weather is nicer, consider having your breakfast and/or coffee outdoors. Otherwise, I find my walk to the bus stop does the trick, or even just taking your dog for a walk can leave you refreshed. Really just get outside, even if you’re planning on working from home, and get some fresh air.

The early bird gets the worm, so the sooner you learn to wake up with ease, the better! 

Simmone Huras

Wilfrid Laurier '20

Simmone Huras is a 3rd year Political Science Major at Wilfrid Laurier University.
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