Cara Difabio-Girl Looking At The Side Fall

How to Master the Art of Layering Your Clothes

As winter gets closer and the weather grows colder, it’s easy to find yourself reaching for the same sweaters and pants that always keep you warm during this time. As a result, some of your summer and fall pieces start to inevitably get abandoned. Fortunately, there is a way to extend the gratification of wearing some of your favourite lighter pieces: by layering! Although the process of layering can seem daunting and scary, if you get the basics down pat, it’s so easy and it completely elevates your outfits.

The Foundational White or Black Shirt

Whether it’s a long sleeve t-shirt, turtleneck or blouse, having a simple foundational shirt is the best way to start layering. Not only does this base keep you warm, but having the sleeves or the collar poking out from underneath creates more dimension in your outfit. Even if you just layer another simple top over this, you can look way more put together and fashionable.

Colour Family

If you’re nervous about creating a colourfully cohesive outfit, I would suggest sticking to two colours that complement each other. Normally, I tend to lean towards more neutral and muted tones like navy and beige or grey and black. If you like brighter colours, you can always go for more daring pairs like pink and grey or green and brown. There are so many colour combinations that work well together, but if you’re still unsure, remember that you can never go wrong with white and black!

Monochrome and Texture

Sticking to one colour is also a very viable option for layering. In order to make sure your outfit doesn’t come across as bland, a great idea is to play around with texture. For example, try combining textures like leather and corduroy or something ribbed and suede. By playing around with texture, you can add depth and dimension to the outfit. Helpful tip: try to work with both heavier and softer textures for a well-balanced look.

Incorporate Different Fitting Pieces

The common theme within all of these tips is balance, and the same theme applies to the fit of your clothing pieces. If every piece in your outfit is bulky, it’ll drown you. Conversely, if you stick to all tight-fitting pieces, it will come across as overwhelming (and it probably won’t be the most comfortable, either). It’s important to incorporate different fitting pieces so that there’s more versatility in the outfit. Start by picking one piece that you really want to incorporate into your outfit. Then, depending on what the fit of that piece is, look for complementing pieces of the opposite fit to create a cohesive and well put together outfit.

Layering is a super fun way to not only create a stylish outfit but also to play around with your style and see what kinds of trends you like best. Even if it’s just as simple as throwing a spaghetti strap dress over a turtleneck, layering – when done properly – can really elevate your style to another level. So, don’t be afraid to go for it! Remember to have fun while you do!