How to Look Cute While Being Lazy

With finals rapidly approaching, our dedication for looking good every day starts to get lazier and lazier…though that does not have to be the case! Check out these style tips to help you look cute and comfy while you are hitting the books!


1. Sweatpants & Cardigans

Something cute and comfy! Instead of buying thick baggy sweatpants, try to swap them out for some comfy sweatpants that are fitted. Style them with a cozy cardigan, and voila! You, my friend, have got a stylish outfit for your long day!

2. Leggings, a Sweater and Runners

Though this is extremely basic, it is an outfit  you can do anything in! Whether you’re on your way to the gym, going grocery shopping, or going to the library to study, this outfit is the go-to!

3. Braids

Bad hair day? Put it in a braid and you’ve got a stylish look!

4. Caps

Easily the best invention for those of us who are having a VERY bad hair day. Easy to style, and it allows you to have your hair back for your busy day!

5. Slip-On Shoes

These slip on and off shoes are easy, comfy and go with any outfit! Leggings, sweatpants, jeans, you name it!

6. Leather Jacket

Want to spice up your sweatpants/sweater combo? Throw on a leather jacket and you’ve got yourself yet another stylish, but comfortable outfit! 

Style is so unique and fun to play around with! You are your own canvas, so style it however you like!