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How I Survive Without a Sex Life

I grew up in a household where sex was taboo, so the only “sex talk” I ever received was from health class. I was never very familiar with the concept, so I never really got any real life experience – yes, I am a virgin. Going into university, I may not have as much knowledge as others, but I know I’m living my best life and I definitely meet a ton of people who are in the same boat as me.


1. I have no emotional commitment

I know I have no one else to worry about at any time of the day and I am able to just focus on whatever I want to do.

2. More time to focus on myself

I spend my time doing things I enjoy, whether that’s hanging out with my friends or eating some really good food, and I always have time to try and learn more about myself.

3. Less drama

I can truly say I don’t have drama in my life and feel so much more at peace. From my friends’ experiences, sex generally comes with some drama.

4. I live vicariously though my friends

Hearing my friends sex stories is enough for me to not feel like I’m missing out on this other side of life, especially when I hear a really bad story.

5. No sex means no awkward stories

We published some WLU Sex Archives articles and now I know how wrong things can go.

6. I don’t have to shave my legs as often

Let’s be honest here, shaving your legs is the most annoying task. I can just choose not to shave my legs and the only person that will know is me.

7. I can work longer hours

Not having anyone to commit to allows me take that extra night shift at work, and I can leave knowing I can just go home and pass out in my bed.

8. I never feel alone

Although it may seem like everyone else is hooking up, I met some amazing friends who make me feel like I’m not alone. I am not one to give into peer pressure, but it is nice knowing I shouldn’t feel weird about not having sex.

However, from someone who may not be having sex, if you are getting some, get it girl.

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