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How To: At Home Date Night

This is for all the love birds who, like me, are poor as sh!t and don’t know how to go on dates with the little money that’s sitting in their bank account! Here are some ways that you and your loved one can still manage to have a great date night while sticking to a budget!


Make a Homemade Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? There are many ways to make homemade pizza; you just need some dough (my fav are Greek pita’s), sauce, cheese and your favourite toppings!


DIY Sundaes

Something sweet to fill your stomachs!


Movie Night

Most people already have access to Netflix, but if you are one of the unlucky few, for just $7.99/month you too can own an (almost) all-access pass to great movies and television shows! Grab some of your favourite snacks and drinks and snuggle up on the couch or in bed and you’re set!

Bubble Bath…For Two!

Need I say more? Nothing’s more romantic than this! A candlelit bath is the perfect way to top off the night!

There you go! Now you and your honey can have a romantic night in on a budget!


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