How to Have that Hot Girl Summer Glow Up

Summer is two months away and you know what that means: it’s time for hot girl summer! Don’t worry, it’s not too late to start. The summer is a time for us to feel like the hottest and baddest bitches out there, and I’m here to give you some tips to start believing it!

Disclaimer: Everyone is beautiful just the way they are. Hot girl summers are meant for everyone!

Drink Water

With summer approaching, it’s super important to drink water! Not only does it prevent you from being dehydrated, but there are so many health benefits. It promotes weight loss, helps with digestion, cleanses the toxins in your body and more. Water can also provide clear and hydrated skin which is needed as your face tends to get drier in the sun. Water also helps fill you up when you’re hungry. Drinking water before your meal can prevent overeating and reduce bloating.

It is recommended you drink eight bottles of water a day. If you find it challenging to do so, get a pretty water bottle to keep you motivated!


Many of us have probably tried the Chloe Ting workout challenge and failed miserably. Although this may work for some, there are other more manageable ways you can stay fit!

If you feel like a workout is too much, which the majority of us might think, try taking a walk instead! There is much evidence that shows that walking is an effective exercise. It can be leisurely walking or speed walking, both work. Walking after a meal for 30 minutes can actually prevent bloating and lead to weight loss too. Biking is also a great option.

If you’re looking for something more intense, YouTube has many great workout videos to help you reach your dream body!

Take Care of Your Skin

Whether you have flawless skin or a couple of imperfections, skincare is always a must. Cleaning your skin daily removes any bacteria and dirt building up, which can provide you with clearer and healthier skin!

One thing to include in your routine is a cleanser. Using this morning and night will get rid of any bacteria on your face, giving you a clean and fresh glow. You can also use masks 2-3 times a week to further improve your skin.

Now, this something you must remember: WEAR SUNSCREEN! SPF is so crucial in the summer. This will protect your skin from UV rays beaming from the sun, which can cause skin burning and even skin cancer. Even if you’re looking to tan your body, sunscreen is required, especially if you’re lying in the sun.

As the legend, Ms. Christina Aguilera once said, “You are beautiful in every single way." The point of hot girl summer is for you to love yourself. Get rid of the toxic mindset (and potentially people) that are keeping you from doing so. Hot girl summer is meant to embrace your true beauty and flaunt what you got. Everyone has flaws, so if you can carry that bad bitch attitude, then you’re already well on your way towards a hot girl summer.