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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your S.O… Long Distance Edition

As Sharpay Evans once said, “Even if we’re miles and miles and miles apart,” there are still ways to make Valentine’s Day special with your significant other. Being away at school has it perks, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s not always possible to spend it with your bae. Here are some tips to help make this day special, no matter the distance.  

Plan Something Special for When You See Each Other Next

This can be anything, including a weekend gateway, a fancy dinner, or some alone time to catch up.


Facetime is the key to surviving any long-distance relationship, on any occasion. Make this one a little more special by telling them how much you appreciate them not just today, but every day.

Send Surprise Flowers, or a Yummy Treat

Whether you get a friend or family member to drop this off, or get some fancy company to do the work for you, sending flowers, cookiegrams, or even chocolate covered strawberries, is always a safe bet in making their day.

Spend the Day with Your Gals

Can’t spend the day with your bae? Celebrate GALentine’s day!!!!!! Grab some movies, make some cookies, order take out, get into sweats, and just enjoy this day with the gals who will forever be the best S.O anyone could ask for.

Regardless of Who You’re With, Eat Some Chocolate, Watch Some Romcom’s, and Pamper Yourself

You will be with your S.O before you know it, so just make the most of the day, and like we said before, spend it with your gals. It’s just a day, and if you’re really not a fan of it, the day will be over before you know it. Soon enough, you’ll be able to go to your local grocery store and get some discounted chocolate…. That’s the best part about Valentine’s Day, if you ask us.

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