How to Catch a Catfish

So... What is a 'Catfish'?

For those who have no clue what a Catfish is, it’s someone who pretends to be someone else online (usually someone more attractive) often to pursue a romantic or sexual online relationship with someone. There’s even a show on MTV of the same name, where they confront people in online relationships to see if the person is the real deal. This usually happens on dating and social networking sites where these types of people get to have the joy of pretending to be someone else.  The aim of catfishing is luring, seducing, and convincing someone of something that is a lie.

Before you get ‘reeled in’ – Spot the ‘Catfish’

Be suspicious  

I mean, most people will exchange some form of personal information like phone numbers or Snapchat, but if someone won’t send a snap featuring their face or doesn’t want to video chat, then something is totally up. Some people have privacy issues, which is okay, but when it comes to them refusing constantly, there is a possibility that the person is hiding something from you.

Check their photos!

There is no harm in checking out their photos. If someone looks perfect in every shot, and they look too good to be true, then they probably are. A good idea, I would say, is do a reverse Google image search to see if their photos come up in the results.

Do they have lots of friends?

If they’re not catfishing you, then they must have friends, right? Is there any interaction between these friends? If they’re not tagged in any photos or only have photos of themselves and none with friends or family, we have a problem.

If someone shows any of these signs, it’s time for some confrontation!


Tell them you know the photos aren’t of them

If it’s obvious that the photos are not of them, then tell them!


Have them reveal their true identity!

It’s time that they revealed their true identity by making them video chat!

Tell ‘em boy bye! (or girl bye)


So there you go! Now you have all the tips for when and if you come across a ‘Catfish’!