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How to Achieve That Summertime Glow – Without the Risks

Unfortunately, as most of us know, tanning beds are extremely dangerous. But most girls are still taking the risks to achieve a tan. Believe it or not, there are OTHER ways to achieve that sun kissed tanned skin, without putting yourself in harm’s way! There is a misconception that all self-tanners are streaky, orange, and will leave you looking like a run-away oompa loompa. WRONG! You just need to search for one that has good reviews, and that you find works best with your skin! Some self-tanners may be a little pricey, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it if it means keeping you healthy.

St. Tropez Body Mousse 

First and foremost is St. Tropez Body Mousse. This stuff is awesome. It is a light mousse that you pump onto the applicator mitt and apply all over your body. It comes it shades from light to ultra dark. The product is a dark-olive green color, which means you won’t have problems seeing where you need to blend more. This greenish tint is also used in their tanner so that, over the 8 hour develop time, it turns into a more natural brown tone as opposed to an orange tone – which we do not want! 

Jergens Natural Glow 

Jergens Natural Glow is a great option for someone who just wants a little bit of color. The nice thing about this product is that you apply it like a lotion, which is super simple, and it gradually develops over time. This product works by applying it every day, and with each day it will get darker. This lotion comes in different shades varying from light to dark. It is a simple, quick way to achieve an effortless tan! 

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs 

Now this is a little bit different, but we know a lot of people like to just have a little tan on their legs before going out for the night in a dress. This product is sort of like a face foundation, but for your legs. Stay with me – it is seriously cool. This product is NOT for your whole body. This product gives your legs a shimmery, tanned glow while also covering any imperfections such as bruising. It makes your legs look flawless! It is perfect for putting on a couple hours before leaving the house. It doesn’t need any developing time, and you can shower it right off when you’re ready. 

Loving Tan Body Mousse 

Loving Tan is very similar to St. Tropez, but has a few differences. First off, we find the ultra dark in this product is much darker and richer than St. Tropez, but they both give great color (it just depends on how dark you want to be). Another great thing about Loving Tan is that they also offer the body mousse express that only takes two hours to develop as opposed to the usual six to eight. Like St. Tropez, Loving Tan comes out in a dark brown color immediately when you put it on so you will have no trouble seeing where you applied the tanner. The only downside to this product is that you have to order it from Australia. The product itself is cheaper than St. Tropez, but with shipping it comes out to be around the same price. The shipping is really quick, and they also provide you with tracking information. This is one of our holy grail products. We would recommend this particular product to anyone who loves having a dark tan.

So for those of us who didn’t go away to the tropics over winter break, and who won’t be spending reading week under the sun, there’s still hope! We can also achieve a nice glowing tan from the comfort of our homes, even in the dead of winter! 

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