The Holiday Season Told by Tiffany New York Pollard Gifs

The initial feeling of confidence when you decide time off school is worth whatever BS you will have to encounter at home.

When your peaceful time at home turns into “make the house look nice for your family” time


When you bump into an old enemy in your hometown

When you hear your name being called halfway into a good episode

Showing up to the family dinners looking sickening

When your siblings start to show off their “achievements” at the dinner table

When the family member you hate finally exits the house

Ten minutes through Christmas dinner

Realizing you’re single as hell and won’t be looking forward to any Christmas cuddles

When your siblings start telling lies to your family and you know it

Running into that one family member you barely see but really like

When someone else in your family starts showboating and you know you don’t even hold a candle

Wandering into a store way out of your price range and the cashier telling you your grand total

“Where should we go for Christmas holidays?”

“How about just a road trip to Niagara Falls”


“Your Laurier invoice is due January 3rd… Where are you going to come up with that money?”

When you get a slamming new Christmas present you can’t wait to try on

When someone asks what your major is after you’ve told them ten times

“So what exactly is Communication Studies?”

“Congrats… You’re doing so much in university.”

“Nobody knew what Laurier was until the scandal in the news… Must be tough going somewhere nobody knows about” - Ignorant family member

When a family member goes on a rant saying nobody gets a job with a Bachelor of Arts

Inner dialogue before arriving at a family Christmas party

When you try and sit at the head of the table and somebody says “no.”

When your family starts getting into a heated debate at the dinner table

When people try to start talking over you at the dinner table

Your inner dialogue when someone in your family makes something that tastes like crap

Watching all of those cheesy Christmas flicks, knowing you’re single as heck

When you start reflecting on all of the bad things you’ve done during the school year when someone asks what you’ve been up to

Initially showing up to the family dinner ready to brag about how well you did this year

Hearing someone brag about their mundane year when you know your year was crazier

Getting ready to pop off with your friends when you finally meet up again

When you see your best friend who lives a million miles away thanks to school

Trying to keep your cool when an oblivious family member says something that grinds your gears

At the end of a long day

Trying to get through the crowds on Boxing Day

When you see a cute boy in your hometown who you’ve never seen before

Pointing someone you don’t like out the door

Low key: when your siblings try and start some beef in front of your family

When someone gives you a whack present

When someone asks you how exams went


Getting ready to impress everyone when you go to a Christmas party

Getting sick of defending your major at the dinner table

Catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror

When you go to meet up with your friends and they bring along someone you don’t like

When a family member starts telling you personal details about their life that you simply do not care about

Being fake and unsuspicious when your family asks about how productive you were during the semester

Seeing some of the ridiculous sweaters people are wearing around Christmas time

Waiting in line for the Boxing Day sales and seeing all of your competition

When your parents invite problematic people over

Coming back from Christmas holidays looking like a snack and a half

When your friends start bragging about all of the presents they got and you’re just worried about tuition