Holiday Party Makeup and Outfit Ideas

‘Tis the season to rock some bomb ass makeup and outfits for the holidays! The holidays are the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with some fire looks for all of your fab holiday parties!  I’ve got you covered, from Christmas to New Years, from rocking red lips to trading in your LBD for a sparkly jumpsuit. Keep reading to find out how to shake up your everyday steeze with a little holiday flair.        

Makeup Looks

1. Statement Lips and Glittery Eyes

Go bold or go home with this eye-catching look! You’ll be sure to grab everyone’s attention at the party with this go-to look this holiday season!  Your eyes and lips will really stand out with this look, so be prepared to wow everyone at all times.  Start off with some primer on your eyelids and then pile on the glitter, girl. Add some winged liner for drama (like you need anymore with this look lol!) and then add a bold, bright red to your lips.  Voila- you’re ready to rock from Christmas Eve to New Years!

2. All About That Glow

For those of you who tend to go for more subtle, flirty looks and would rather steer clear of the dramatic, give this one a try! Try a brown smoky eye by concentrating a deep brown colour into your crease and feathering it out slightly.  Add some liner to the lid, then top it off with some mascara.  For the lips, try a pale pink or nude shade and then bring on the glow with extra highlighter on your cheeks. A highlight is a perfect way to add some flair without going all out!  

3. All Eyes On You

For this final look, it’s all about showing off those beautiful eyes of yours! Cut crease looks are perfect for emphasizing your eyes and drawing attention to your face.  Start off with a smoky eye and then use concealer to draw out your crease very carefully. Add a fun colour or some glam glitter where you had the concealer and you’re done! Not as hard as it looks, is it?  Finish it off with some eyeliner and add a nude lip, since your eyes are stealing the show tonight, girl!


Glam AF

The holiday season is probably the only time you can get away with hella sparkly sh*t, so you better take advantage of it!  Go super glam at your holiday party with a sparkly, glittery jumpsuit that’s sure to have all eyes on you.  If you’re over dresses, you’ll definitely stand out. (But if dresses are your thing, rock them! As long as you look like a disco ball, you’re doing it right this holiday season!)

2. Classy B*tch Wanna go in a different direction this holiday season?  Try out a pantsuit!  You’ll be sure to stand out at the party in an uber-classy way.  Pantsuits are timeless and they’re a super chic option to ring in the New Year with.  Go for a bold colour or keep it simple in black or white.  Plus, you can totes accessorize with sparkly jewellery if you’re feeling glam!

3. Cozy Chic

If you’re not into the whole dressing up part of the holidays but still wanna look cute for the party season, don’t fret!  You can still steal the show in a cute knit sweater paired with a super fun skirt!  Pair a cable knit with either a sparkly, leather or plaid skirt to add a fun festive flair to your cozy sweater.  Add some tights and knee high boots and you’re good to go!

Hope you found these holiday makeup and outfit looks helpful when planning for your upcoming holiday parties!  All the best collegiates, XOXO