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Holiday Gift Guide for Anyone and Everyone

It’s December! You’re cramming for finals, finishing up assignments, preparing for winter break and realizing you haven’t purchased any presents for the Christmas holidays. Though you would love to believe that the gift of your presence is enough, you know that finding that perfect gift will make your holidays that much more exciting. Finding the perfect gift for friends or various loved ones can be extremely challenging. Check out the gifts below for small or larger budget ideas!

1. Friends

Posters are a great option for anyone who wants to visually display their favourite music artists, actors or even motivational quotes, and they can be used to brighten up the place.

Makeup lovers would thoroughly enjoy new palettes, brushes, cleansers, nail polish, face masks or travel bags, as they can often be costly when bought together.

Friendship lamps are a great way to stay connected and can be used as a memory tool.

Polaroid cameras not only allow people to create and remember memories, but the pictures can also be printed to help decorate rooms.

Hoodies are not only comfy and cozy, but they can also be used to signify the importance of a favourite television series or music artist.

Accessories such as necklaces, rings, earrings or watches are a great way to spruce up an outfit, and custom name tags can add a personal touch.

2. Boyfriend / Girlfriend

Vinyl record players can be used to share records of your favourite albums or artists, while also getting a better quality sound.

Google Nest or Amazon Echoes are great devices that can act as speakers as well as voice assistants.

Shoes can be a unique gift that can allow you to introduce some more sustainable and environmentally friendly options.

Concert tickets or music festivals can be great to spend the night out together and can be something to look forward to after COVID-19.  

Sports tickets can show that you listen to and want to spend time with your girlfriend/boyfriend doing something that interests them.

3. Mother / Father

Electronics such as an Apple Watch, Apple TV or an iPad can be a bit costly, but they will be greatly appreciated by parents who don’t have the time to purchase or think about these functional gifts.

Recipe books or cutting boards can be extremely helpful in the kitchen and a wide variety allow for customization as well as great display or décor pieces.

5. Stocking Stuffer

Items such as perfume, chocolate, card games, teabags, journals, shot glasses, framed pictures, phone cases and candles can be versatile as they can be given to anyone or everyone.

6. Miscellaneous

Restaurant gift cards can be thoughtful and flexible for the recipient.

Mugs are cute and customizable, while also being the perfect gift for coffee, tea or even hot chocolate drinkers.

Thanks for reading! I hope some of these ideas are new and affordable for you!

Isha Pabla

Wilfrid Laurier '24

Writing has always been a passion of Isha's, and while pursuing a major in business and computer science, she finds it wonderful to be able to exercise her creativity and activism with Her Campus. Isha enjoys writing about social justice issues, community engagement and social wellness.
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