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HisCampus Part One: Their Honest Answers to Our Burning Questions

Are there things guys do that make you tilt your head? Are there things you’ve just been itching to know but were just a little too afraid to ask? We asked women on the Laurier campus what they’re just dying to know about men, but haven’t quite had the courage to ask….and then we asked them ourselves. No topic was off limits, and no question went unanswered. We sat down with five university guys and got the dirt on the things us ladies are just not quite sure about. The gentlemen were happy to help us solve the answers to your questions, and we hope we’ve helped to ease your minds a little.

To start off, here are the lovely gentlemen who gave us their honest answers to our burning questions.

Noah, 20

Eric, 22

Darnell, 21

Brendan, 22

Photo Credits: Kha Vo

Chase, 22

And here are the best answers to half of the questions the ladies were asking.

Why do guys put fish in their Tinder pictures? Brendan: Umm, to show a big catch I guess. I don’t know I’m not much of a fisherman.

Noah: I can’t say I’ve ever done it because don’t think it’s cool, but for some guys it’s the highest they’ll ever get. It’s like an achievement.

Eric: That’s a good question actually…. I’m assuming it has something to do with masculinity and their connection to being outdoorsy.

(Roommate: it’s like planting the seed. Caught the fish, and the girl is next)

Do you have headphones, or do you just listen to things on your phone really loudly on purpose?

Darnell: I do it on purpose- I just like listening to music loud, especially when I’m walking. I like to drown out the sound of everything else.

Eric: This is definitely an angry girlfriend kind of question- I’m not a fan of people who walk around with music blaring on their phones. Headphones come with your phone-use them. How do you take your coffee?

Noah: Double double- why would I try to be tough and drink black coffee when it tastes awful.

Darnell: Double double

Eric: Double double with milk…because cream is bad for you.

Chase: Double Double

Brendan: Black

Do you know what mansplaining is?

Brendan: No clue, never even heard that term. Noah: I don’t know, I would guess it’s explaining from a man’s point of view. I think it’s an adversary to womansplaining.

Darnell: Yes- explaining why you did something, strictly because you’re a man, and the reason for it is because you’re a man.

Thoughts on period sex?

Chase: With a girlfriend, manageable.

Darnell: It’s gotta definitely be a last few days thing. Maybe not the beginning or middle, but end. And only someone you’re involved with. I wouldn’t personally do it with a random.

Brendan: Umm, I get it, it’s kinda weird. But like, it’s something that happens. A little weird. Not weird different. I mean I do it.

Noah: Hypothetically, no. But if there’s a situation…. I don’t know. “Like if you’re already chugging, you can hardly stop yourself.” Do you talk about girls with your bros?

Darnell: Of course- it kinda depends on the conversation at hand. Guys talk about girls the same way, like in group chats. It can be in regard to relationships and what people think. Always gotta look for feedback from your boys.

Eric: Everybody does, it’s inevitable. Same way girls talk about guys when they have girls’ nights. We do it through insulting each other a lot of the time, and it usually ends in an argument.

Chase: No, not anymore. In high school I did.

Brendan: Ha, of course.

Noah: All the time. I’d assume it’s like girls? Someone pulls up a girl and we talk about her and what we think, if she’s attractive…. you know.

Do guys find it cute when girls are a little clingy?

Chase: Yes, I’ll say to the extent of a stage 3 clinger.

Brendan: Like to a point. So if they are texting all the time, or making sure they know where I am, that’s not okay. But if they want to hang out every day it’s fine. Face to face interaction over cell phone interaction for sure. Sharing locations does not strengthen a relationship that’s not okay. Darnell: Yeah- okay, like to a certain extent because it shows they do care, and that they want to make sure they’re involved in your life and know what’s going on. There’s that whole overboard thing that’s too much. I wouldn’t say it’s clingy in a relationship, there has to be an understanding of personal space.

Eric: Yes- absolutely. There’s a difference between psycho stalker-level clingy and protective clingy. I think protective-clingy is acceptable. I personally enjoy it.

Do guys overthink just as much as girls do?

Chase:  Some guys do overthink more than girls. Me: Do you? C: Do I? No

Brendan: I think I overthink more than girls do. A lot of girls in a university setting (in the age bracket of 18-22) are more savage than guys.

Darnell: From a personal perspective, I’d say no. From my own experience, yes, we can overthink things, but I think people overthink in general and their biggest influence is the people they talk to about it. The person you talk to can bring you back down or skyrocket you. I think girls tend to overthink more than guys.

Noah: Honestly- I think it depends on the guy. There are some that just don’t give a f*ck, and there are guys who do and that probably overthink as much as girls do. It all depends on the individual.

How can you tell if a guy is asking you out or just wants to hang out?

Chase: If you actually go out somewhere, like a proper date, then that’s the way to tell.

Brendan: If he just wants to ‘hang out,’ it will be a Snapchat that feels like a mass snap- and probably is a mass snap. If it’s more of a date, he will ask you to study or go somewhere in public rather than just Netflix.

Noah: Guys are pretty straightforward- if he’s asking you out, he will ask you to go somewhere other than his place. If he just wants you to come over- he has other intentions. If he’s serious about a potential relationship, he’s not asking you to Netflix and Chill. On that note, if you are cool with Netflix in bed- you can’t expect much more.

Eric: I think it’s hard nowadays, because we’ve lost touch with traditional dating. I’m a big fan of being straight up with, “let’s go to dinner, to a concert together,” and the whole come to the door to pick you up, meet your parents. It’s devalued today and it’s a sort of grey area, and that goes for girls, too. It’s sometimes hard to tell what they’re talking about. It depends on the guy and it depends on the girl.

How much time does it take you to get ready in the morning? What about before you go out at night?

Chase: If I have to fully get ready and shave and everything, I change my outfit like 3 times, so like a solid 30 mins, if I’m going out. In the morning, like 5-10 minutes.

Brendan: Like 2 mins in the morning if that. Two-minute shower, then I throw on a pair of jeans and a shirt. Going out, that’s a little different. Are we including shower, pre-game pump (need to get arms looking decent)? Sometimes I’ll put something in my hair. I’ll toss between two shirts, one funny one and one I look good in.

Eric: Normal day, ten minutes, it’s pretty quick. If we’re getting dressed up, looking nice, I take a little longer. Before we go out- it’s a process; it depends on the vibe of the night. Depends on party shirts and silly tarps. I’ll lay out a few things. I often send pics to my girlfriend asking if I can wear something, which helps because I’m pretty indecisive.

Darnell: In the morning- like 20 minutes. At night, ooh it’s a process. The music starts going, you gotta pick out an outfit, consult your boys, and in the process, you have to be pre-drinking before you even think about a shower. It doesn’t take long, but it’s a process.

What’s your biggest turn off? Turn on?

Chase: Depends on the person, sometimes singing. I’ve heard some people sing and I just never want to hear that again. Turn on: *Quick side eye*

Brendan: Turn off: super clingy with their phone. Face to face interactions is where a relationship starts to grow. If it’s just texting and snapping constantly, then I think it’s insane. Or getting mad when you go out with just the boys. Turn on: I guess a girl that’s just kind of laid back and relax. Just goes with the flow. Doesn’t need a whole lot, but is grateful when you do stuff for her. I like doing stuff for a girl, but not when she expects it.  Opposite of a spoiled brat.

Darnell: Someone who’s funny, that’s a big one, and someone who can take a joke. A girl with nice eyes and a nice smile- that’s a big one. My biggest turn off is just a negative person. Someone who is constantly seeking out the negative, who can’t let go of the little things and focuses on the small stuff, and blows things out of proportion.

Noah: Turn off- a really annoying and obnoxious voice- because I just don’t know what to do.

Turn on- Eyes. I think that eyes are so attractive, and they really catch my attention.

Well- that’s it for part one. Stay tuned for part two where Brendan, Chase, Darnell, Eric, and Noah give us a little more insight on their habits, favourite things to do in bed, and much more!


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