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HC Laurier’s Declassified St. Paddy’s Day Survival Guide

It’s almost here! March is here, which means St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching. I still don’t have a list of things for you to wear this year, but I’ve put together a short guide to ensure you have the best St. Patrick’s Day at Laurier.

First off, listen to a St. Patrick’s Day playlist during your Ezra pre. Find my playlist here.

Would it really be an event if I didn’t make a playlist?

Shower the night before.

Nothing is worse than you and your 25 guests all trying to shower in the morning. Shower the night before, or save water…and shower with a friend (wait, what?).

DON’T: Go too hard the night before.

Even though the best cure to a hangover is more alcohol, if you go too hard the night before, you can’t celebrate the Irish.

Start your day off with a drink – not the hard stuff.

Don’t be that d*ck friend who wakes up their roommates by icing them at 7:30 in the morning. Start your morning with a nice mimosa, and move into the liquor later.

Provide breakfast for your guests.

Pancakes are always the go-to or if you don’t want to cook, McDonald’s coupons just came out. 25 can dine for a small fee!!

DON’T: Wear your nicest shoes to Ezra.

Your shoes won’t look nice by the end of the day. There’s always that a**hole that will purposely step on your nice white shoes to get them dirty (I might be guilty of this).

Actually go to Ezra.

Even if you just walk through, everyone needs to experience Ezra at least once.

DON’T: Walk through campus or on the streets with open alcohol.

Believe me, nothing will ruin your day more than a $125 drinking ticket. If you’re going from one place to another, keep your alcohol unopened or kept in your bag!

Be respectful of others, and the Laurier campus.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, don’t be drunk and unmannerly. 

DON’T: Drink and drive.

No explanation needed. Don’t do it.


The only way you’re going to make it onto the D floor at night is if you have a mid-day power nap.

Party into the night.

St. Patrick’s Day only happens once a year, so party all day and night.

DON’T: Text or call your ex.

More alcohol = more thoughts about your ex. There is never a good enough reason to contact them.

Consent is sexy.

It’s a no brainer, only yes means yes.

Collect all your empties, and leave them on your front lawn in a bag labelled “VESA Bottle Drive”. The Laurier Women’s Rugby team will be around collecting bottles too!

Some of our Golden Hawks are planning a volunteer trip to Ecuador, and need your help raising money for it. They will be coming around the Laurier area on Saturday, March 18th and Sunday, March 19th collecting your empties, as well as the rugby team!

Remember Collegiettes: wear green, stay golden, and drink responsibly!

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