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Hannah Montana Song Based Off Your Zodiac Sign

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Have you ever wondered which Hannah Montana song you are based on your zodiac? Well, you’ve come to the right place- I think. I don’t know a whole lot about zodiac signs, but I do know a whole lot of Hannah Montana songs, which is why I thought it would be kind of groovy to write this article.

Aries: “I Got Nerve

Aries are bold and confident. This song radiates Aries energy with lyrics such as, “Gonna get what I deserve/I got nerve/ Electrified, I’m on a wire/ Gettin’ together and we’re on fire.” They really do got nerve.

Taurus: “True Friend

Tauruses are the most loyal, dedicated friends which is why this song perfectly describes them. Any Taurus that I’m friends with will be my bestie for life. I can feel the Taurus deep within my bones in these lyrics: “You’re a true friend/ You’re here ’til the end.” 

Gemini: “Pumpin’ up the Party

Geminis are the life of the party. They’re very talkative and social and they’re sure to get the party going: “Get up, Get loud/ Start pumpin’ up the party now.”

Cancer: “He Could Be the One”

Cancers are nurturing, emotional, but most importantly they’re hopeless romantics. This song is about really liking a boy and thinking that “he could be the one”. Since I’m a Cancer, this is a very common occurrence in my own life, and I fully resonate with this song: “He’s got somethin’ special/ And when he’s lookin’ at me/I wanna get all sentimental.”

Leo: “Best of Both Worlds”

Leos are bold, confident and proud. They can be known for having a very fiery, and maybe even overconfident personality. However, they can also be the sweetest human beings on earth, which is why “Best of Both Worlds” is the perfect song: “You get the best of both worlds/ Chill it out, take it slow/ Then you rock out the show.”

Virgo: “Make Some Noise”

Virgos are logical, hardworking individuals looking to make a change in the world and this song demonstrates those traits: “You can’t just sit back and watch the world change/ What matters is what you’ve got to say.”

Libra: “Nobody’s Perfect”

Libras are honest, fair and always stay true to themselves. This song displays the traits of fairness and honesty: “Nobody’s perfect/ I gotta work it/ Again and again/ ‘Til I get it right.”

Scorpio: “Who Said”

Scorpios are very ambitious, confident and passionate. If they say they can do something, they will be confident in themselves to do it and won’t listen to anybody who says otherwise: “Who said, who said/ I can’t be Superman?/ I say, I say/ That I know I can.”

Capricorn: “Rockstar”

Capricorns are hard working, focused and ambitious- they really are rockstars. The lyrics in this song give off some major Capricorn vibes: “Tai Chi practicing/ snowboard champion/ I can fix the flat on your car/ I might even be a rock star.”

Sagittarius: “Life’s What You Make It”

Sagittariuses are super adventurous and spontaneous. This song is about letting go and having a good time instead of constantly thinking about the terrible things that happen in your life: “Stay sad, why do that? Give yourself a break/I know you want to party with me/ Life’s what you make it so let’s make it rock.”

Aquarius: “If We Were a Movie”

Aquariuses are stubborn and rebellious. If they want something they’re going to try and get it. This includes the love of your life. These lyrics radiate Aquarius energy: “I know how you always seem to go/ For the obvious/ Instead of me/ But get a ticket and you’ll see.”

Pisces: “Mixed Up”

Finally, Pisces are extremely empathetic, compassionate and sensitive. They can also be indecisive, and this song embodies a lot of those traits: “Everything I do is making me more confused/ Oh, it used to be easy, all I had to be was me/Now I’m mixed up”

So that’s the list. I hope you enjoyed, and you should go have a listen to some of these epic songs.

Lisa Santoprete

Wilfrid Laurier '24

Lisa is a second year music major at Wilfrid Laurier University, specializing in classical piano. She loves writing, bubble tea, long walks on the beach, and is overall a pretty cool person.
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