Guys of Tinder

For those of you who have used Tinder, you know that there are a lot of unique people out there. However, a lot of the time, you may notice that there are similarities between certain guys’ profiles. Here are nine of the most common types of profiles you will come across when using this dating app.


1. Holding the Fish

I see guys posting pictures with fish on Tinder all the time. Usually they’re on a fishing boat or canoe in the middle of a lake or ocean, flaunting their catches. Are all these guys just super passionate about fishing, or does it really help them get girls?

2. “Willing to Lie About How We Met” Bio

“Willing to lie about how we met” as a bio has really caught on in the Tinder world. If you are SO embarrassed to be on Tinder that you’ll make up a story to avoid telling people where you met, maybe you’re looking for love in the wrong place.



Some people really love to troll others on social media. Tinder can be a scary place for running into people who aren’t really who they say they are. If you are going to meet up with someone, meet up in a PUBLIC place. Be safe about it!


4. Car Pics

Some dudes really like to show off their sweet rides. They may post the same car in five different locations at different angles. I might not know what your face looks like, but thanks for posting five pics of your car.

5. Group Pics

Have you ever been swiping and all of a sudden you come across a profile where every single picture is of a group, and you have no idea which one he is? Nobody has time to figure out which one you are, we’re just going to swipe left.


6. Gym Rats

It’s really common to see guys take mirror selfies at the gym. Or they get a friend to take a picture of them in the midst of lifting weights. Like bro, do you even lift?

7. Fuckboys

You’re bound to come across a few of these guys. If their bio says something like “only looking for hookups…” that’s a pretty good hint. Sometimes, an innocent looking dude you match might hit you up with an, “I bet I can make you laugh on Snapchat ;)” line. THIS MEANS YOU SHOULD NOT ADD HIM ON SNAPCHAT, unless, of course, you are prepared for some dick pics.

8. Tinder Bio Reviews

Another popular bio is the “review.” For example:

“***** - My Mom”

“* - My ex-girlfriend”

“***** - My best friend”

“***** - You”

All I can say is I’m giving you one star for originality.

9. “This Could Be You”

It’s really common to see a guy post a picture with his ex-girlfriend with her face scribbled out. Then over the photo he’ll write, “this could be you.”

Make sure that the next time you’re swiping you keep an eye out for these types of profiles. And remember, SAFETY FIRST if you’re going to meet up with a Tinder match! Happy swiping!!!