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Greatest “Holy Shit!” Moments of Game of Thrones

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier chapter.

Spoiler alert! This article mentions twists from seasons 1-7, so look away if you haven’t seen it yet. May the Seven smile upon you in your quest to avoid spoilers!

Let’s be real here: most of us spend more time with our jaws on the ground and/or screaming at the screen while watching Game of Thrones than we do properly watching it. From Season 1’s incestual child-throwing to Season 7’s crumbling Wall and every crazy death and twist in between, these past eight years have definitely been a wild ride. And what better way to remind everyone watching this new season that Valar morghulis than to recap some of the craziest moments?

So ready the tissues and warm up your vocal cords for some screeching – here are 10 of some of the craziest HOLY SHIT we’ve suffered through so far.

The Red Wedding

Oh, we’re definitely not easing into this list. Pretty much all fans seem to agree that this is one of the most painfully gruesome and heartbreaking scenes of the entire show and that The Rains of Castamere still make them anxious. RIP Catelyn, Robb, Talisa (and her baby!), Grey Wind, and like all of the Northmen.

When Jaime lost his hand

While in the grand scheme of things this one may not have been super intense, there was something way too traumatizing about watching the cocky, high-and-mighty swordsman degraded like this. Thankfully Brienne was there for the recovery—anyone else still shipping them? 
When The Viper lost to The Mountain

Ellaria’s reaction to this fight pretty much sums up the rest of our reactions to watching the scene at home. HE WAS SO CLOSE TO SURVIVING AND SAVING TYRION. To be honest, I still have PTSD from watching The Mountain crush his skull with his hands *shudders.*

When Melisandre Took off her Necklace

Melisandre’s been doing some seriously weird shit since she first appeared on the show—shadow baby, anyone?—but the moment she took off her necklace and became some 400-year-old hag has to be the worst. 

The night? Or just her?

When Stannis Sacrificed Shireen

This was so unnecessary! And so heartbreaking! I still can’t think about it without being upset.
When Ollie killed Jon

Listen, Westeros has seen its fair share of traitors, but young Ollie took betrayal to a whole new level. Jon took him in and took care of him! And then Ollie stabbed him?! No!

When Hodor Held the Door

I don’t think this needs much more explanation because just saying “Hodor” tends to make a fan tear up.

When Cersei Blew Up The Sept of Baelor

Okay, this was also pretty satisfying, but damn, it was intense. Oh, and let’s not forget about Tommen throwing himself from the window right after it. The whole episode was just a lot to handle.

When Arya killed Petyr Baelish

This was the BEST SCENE of the entire seventh season. Definitely, a major ‘Holy Shit’ moment, since he had us all convinced Arya and Sansa had turned against each other before the most satisfying sliced throat of the series.

Creepy dude. Deserved to die.

When Viserion Turned to Ice

The last episode of Season 7 was most definitely a game changer. I will fully admit to crying my eyes out when the Night King took down Viserion, but I am SO JAZZED to see what this new ice dragon can do.

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