Giving Back on a Budget

The holiday season is a time of giving: giving to your family, friends, and even giving back to the greater community. Since the holidays are coming up quickly, it can be difficult for us, as students, to give back on a tight budget. Giving back isn’t necessarily something everyone can afford during this time of year, even if it’s something you really want to do. So, I’m here to show you ways to give back this holiday season, without breaking the bank. There’s a lot you can do, you just may not know it!

1. Participate in a food drive

We always have some canned food or extra boxes of pasta lying around. Even donating one thing can be life changing, so do your best! If you really don’t have anything, find some coupons for a grocery store near you and buy a couple of things for those in need. You won’t spend more than $10!

2. Give away clothes you don’t wear

There are tons of services that allow you to leave your gently or un-used clothing on your porch. It’s minimal, and it’s another excuse to clean that closet you constantly avoid.

3. Donate blood

If you’re eligible to do so, I highly recommend donating blood, because one donation can save three lives. Check which Canadian Blood Services location is closest to you. If you want to wait until February 8, there’s also an option for an on campus blood donation brought to you by the Laurier University Charity Kouncil (LUCK).

4. Volunteer

During these times, there are so many places looking for an extra hand. Whether it’s hospitals, homeless shelters or nursing homes, spreading a little joy is always worth the effort. This can also be a great way to meet new people.

5. Donate used books and toys

We all have those favourite childhood toys lying around, so why not put them to good use? Donate them to a children’s hospital or daycare near you. While you’re at it, why not bring some children’s books with you? You can even donate those to your local library!

6. Lighten up your holiday parties

Instead of having guests or family members bring you the same bottle of wine every year, why not ask for some children’s toys or books that can be donated locally? If you’re an animal lover, ask for some pet toys to bring to a shelter nearby! You can also try to make your holiday party as sustainable as possible. You can try composting, reducing, and reusing this holiday season to ease up your impact on the environment’s stress.

7. Spread the word

This is probably one of the best ways you can donate if you don’t have much time or money. If you have any type of social media, you have a huge platform, so take advantage of that. Make use of your voice, because you can reach many more people than you think. So, encourage people to donate to your favourite charity!

Make this year’s holiday season the best one yet. Some people may not be as fortunate as you are, and a simple step for you can have a large impact on another. Spread the word and let’s make this holiday season one of the best yet!