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It’s that time of the year, school is busy with midterms and the air is cold enough to see your breath. The leaves are falling and everything tastes like pumpkin spice, fall is officially here. It’s time for the annual haybale ride, and afterwards, a quick trip to Luke’s to warm up, but you won’t find any of that pumpkin spice unless you’re Lorelai. It’s Gilmore Girls season, and we could not be more excited for Rory to start at her new school all over again.

For the last couple of years, starting Gilmore Girls at the beginning of fall has been a tradition of mine. It has quickly become my fall comfort show. It could be the way I relate to Rory while she is in school, or maybe even Lorelai’s endless love for coffee. Many of us want answers as to why we’re so obsessed with this mother-daughter duo, and I think I have the answer to that very question.

We love the characters.

Most people have a favourite character. That may be big old softy Luke or maybe even Emily. Oh, and don’t forget Michel. We feel that we can relate to them, and most of the time, we find comfort in them. We enjoy watching and learning from them. It’s what keeps us watching day-in and day-out. As for me, I love Rory. I can relate to her in many ways. From her drive for academics, her love for her mother and her small-town life, Rory is my favourite character.

We can relate to Rory.

At least once in our lives, we could relate to Rory. Whether it was trying to get enough extracurriculars to get into a good college or university, her love for coffee or something else, Rory is a character we can all relate to. I grew up in a small, close-knit community, where everyone knew everyone and everything. This is similar to Rory – her love for her strange little town will never die. Before watching Gilmore Girls, I was never able to relate my experience living in a small village to anyone. Rory made me feel comfortable with the love I had for my town when everyone else around me wanted to escape.

The atmosphere.

The atmosphere in Gilmore Girls is chaotic, fun, loving and comforting. From the first episode, we experience the dramatic on-again, off-again relationship that Lorelai has with her parents, Rory’s bond with her mother and the fun-loving Stars Hollow. We watch Rory grow up, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. We watch Lorelai’s relationship with her mother grow, and we may even fall in love with a boy or two. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love Dean, Jess and Logan? We all adore the atmosphere of love and watching Rory fall in love. This show is comforting; whether it’s the decor, the smell of snow or even Sookie’s cooking, Gilmore Girls gives off the vibe of comfort. This show has it all.

Gilmore Girls brings us so much joy just watching and talking about the show. It truly has become the ultimate fall comfort show. So go ahead and watch it again, and if you have never seen Gilmore Girls before, I highly recommend watching it. You will fall in love with everything, from the theme song to Stars Hallow.

Amanda Morrison

Wilfrid Laurier '24

4th-year Psychology and Sociology major with a minor in Criminology at Wilfrid Laurier University.