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Gifts You Can Buy from Small Businesses

Throughout COVID-19, there has been an abundance of small businesses flourishing within the community. Many people have created small businesses not only as a source of income but as a way to pursue their passions. These small businesses create many different products with unique features and provide customer service like no other. If you find yourself stuck looking for a gift for a friend, family member, significant other or someone else, shopping with small businesses will provide you with items they’ll never forget. Here is a list of products as well as businesses found in the GTA and the rest of Ontario!

Breakable Hearts

Breakable hearts are the new chocolate and roses. These are hearts made out of chocolate which can be broken by a mini mallet to reveal surprises inside. The best thing about breakable hearts is the many creative looks and different fillings inside. It can be candy, small jewelry, money or anything else you may want. This gift is for all ages and everyone will find it fun and creative!

Some small breakable heart businesses you can find on Instagram are:





Personalized Items

Gifts made personally are always sentimental. The creative ability these small businesses hold is something you can’t get in a mall or store. Some items you might find are custom mugs, Starbucks cups, clothes, bottles, personal portraits, cards… the list goes on. Anything you want to be customized, these creative souls can make it possible for you. On top of that, these items can be purchased for much less than at a regular store.

Some amazing artists found on Instagram are:









Jewelry is always a classic go-to gift. Instead of buying expensive diamond earrings, many small businesses offer a variety of jewelry that ranges from simple necklaces to a funky pair of earrings. Some of these are handmade, too! The quality of this jewelry is amazing and will still make you feel boujee without paying hundreds of dollars. As mentioned before, you can even find small businesses that customize jewelry to your preference.

Some beautiful jewelry shops found on Instagram:





Sweet Treats

If you know someone with a sweet tooth, there are a ton of businesses that can help with that. Packed with love and sugar, you can find many bakers who can customize bundles of treats for an affordable price. You can find many businesses that make cupcakes, cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries and new hot chocolate bombs. These bakers like to take their time to provide good quality work in terms of design and taste which is hard to find these days at generic supermarkets. They even cater to those with dietary restrictions such as vegetarians and vegans.

Here are some Instagram pages to check out:





Flowers and Balloon Bouquet

A simple bouquet and balloons are nice, but these small businesses take it to another level. They like to personally take their time to handpick and arrange these bouquets to perfection and provide you with a memorable gift to give. Some of these come with boxes, additional gifts inside, personal balloons and many other features.

Some creative businesses to check out:








Candles are always a simple gift that many people love and use very often. Give your loved one a candle that not only smells amazing but also has creative new designs handmade by small businesses. Many small businesses use all-natural ingredients and make soy candles as a vegan option, too.

Some pages with unique candles:






Save yourself the hassle of paying for shipping or going to the mall and buy from local businesses. Your money makes a difference for small entrepreneurs looking to expand and grow their businesses. Not only that, but these local businesses like to ensure that every customer they encounter is satisfied with their service. The list is endless when it comes to small businesses and they are definitely worth checking out.

For more small businesses to look at, you can check the Her Campus Wilfred Laurier Instagram page (@hercampuslaurier) under the small biz highlights. They share new businesses every Saturday. Happy shopping!


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