Gifts for Him (cause he’s so hard to shop for)

Here’s what to gift the special guy in your life when you have no idea what to get him.

Skincare Set

So, you’ve got your daily 7-step skincare routine before bed and your man is using his 3-in-1 body wash that “gets the job done”. Time for the ultimate upgrade. Gift him the skincare basics (face wash, moisturizer and even an SPF face lotion)! Spruce it up with a facial scrub or a chemical exfoliant. I’m a strong believer in non-physical exfoliants because they’re much gentler on the skin. Throw in a treatment from The Ordinary or The INKEY List like salicylic acid (for breakouts) or hyaluronic acid (for extra hydration).


There’s just something about when a man (or anyone really) smells good *heart eyes emoji*. Whether it’s designer or budget, fragrances are such an elegant yet simple present to gift. Try these general crowd-pleasers: “D&G The One”, “Armani’s Acqua Di Gio” or “Terre D’Hermès”.


Boxers, briefs or boxer briefs? Underwear and socks can be the best practical gift for guys. Calvin Klein has a great selection of their classic black or white options or you can opt for something with more colour in their Gift Guide selection.

Wallet or Card Holder

This nifty gift keeps all his important IDs and cards in one place! Many leather brands will even let you personalize the wallet or cardholder by getting his initials on it.


For a fancy and more of a splurge gift, get him a watch he’ll never want to take off his wrist. There’s a TON of options and price ranges on The Bay like this one from Timex or Alfred Sung.

Laptop Stand

No more neck cramps with this gift. This one from MOFT is super lightweight and practically invisible; it’s like a big sticker for the bottom of your computer yet it’s still sturdy for everyday use.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Upgrade his coffee routine with this cool pour-over coffee maker for a more flavourful brew. If he’s not into coffee, Davidstea has a huge selection of tea samplers and gift sets to choose from!


For holding hands through walks in the snow and to avoid nimble fingers, gloves make the perfect gift! Maybe even include a cozy beanie too?

His Favourite Snacks

And if you’re really stumped for gifts (or want to gift something that’s super practical), gather all his favourite snacks (and drinks?) together for a present he will definitely love. The list is endless: chips, chocolate, cookies, candy, beer, etc. What does he love to snack on?

Guys can be hard to shop for but hopefully, this list gives you some ideas as to what you should get him this holiday season!