Get the Look for Less: Golden Globes 2015

One of the best parts of watching the Golden Globes, the Oscars, or any award show, is patiently waiting to see what amazing gowns the celebrities wear. The devastating part is that all these beautiful gowns cost thousands of dollars, and as students, that’s a little out of our price range. Luckily, there are many stores that try their best to replicate these dresses for a much more affordable price! Take a look at our celeb look-alike dresses from the Golden Globes 2015.

Bright in Yellow 

Naomi Watts looked beautiful in this bright yellow Gucci gown. The added belt and snake necklace really added that extra glam to a relatively casual dress. We found a similar yellow dress from BCBG for much less. Feel free to add a matching belt and statement necklace just like Naomi!

Criss-cross Neckline

Emily Blunt wore this angelic, yet sexy Michael Kors dress to the Golden Globes. We actually found quite a few replica dresses of this for much less. We found long versions, and short versions, in a variety of colors. This stunning, black, almost identical replica was found on

Daring in Black 

Nina Dobrev never fails to disappoint. She looked absolutely stunning in her Zuhair Murad gown. Realistically, Nina could wear a paper bag and still blow us away. This similar Forever21 dress is super affordable and is a more casual take on Nina’s gown.

Elegant in Lace

Victoria Secret model and the woman of everyone’s dreams, Alessandra Ambrosio rocked this gorgeous gown also designed by Zuhair Murad. Although this isn’t exactly quite like her dress, we found this beautiful burgundy sheer dress from Lulu’s that has a lot of similarities. With see-through mesh, it shows enough - but not too much. It’s also a more versatile dress with it being short and sleek, compared to Alessandra’s long gown.  

Basking in Gold  

Last but not least, we have the beautiful and sweet Reese Witherspoon. She looked exceptionally elegant in this metallic, beaded, strapless Calvin Klein dress. We found this look-alike dress again from Lulu’s that is very similar in color, fit, and texture.

These are just a few of our favorite dresses from this year’s Golden Globes. If you have a favorite dress from the night, be sure to look around for a look-alike; they’ll start appearing everywhere! Tweet us a picture of you in your favorite look-alike celeb dress. We’d love to see it!