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OMG has COVID been a drag or what? I am definitely feeling the frustration of being cramped up in my house for almost an entire year now. Even though there are various activities like painting, exercising, listening to music and baking to occupy my time, it is hard to imagine a future outside of my Zoom lectures and the fridge. With these disheartening and miserable thoughts in my mind, I decided to look forward to all the things I’ll be able to do once quarantine and lockdown are officially over.


It is 100% expected that traveling would be on my post-quarantine bucket list. Even with travelling restrictions lightening up, I, like many others, am not yet comfortable roaming around just yet. Once cases have reduced a significant amount and vaccines are available and being distributed, I would love to take a trip to Europe. A couple of friends and I have been talking about backpacking through Europe for over a year now and I would love the opportunity for that wish to finally become a reality. Quarantine has given me the time to make a list of the most important countries I want to visit, and that list includes Greece, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Spain and France. Though the list may seem extensive and unreasonable, Europe has a wide variety of destinations that cannot be passed up. Nature, architecture and food are definite must-dos, and I can’t wait for the moment I am able to book my plane ticket.


Oh lord, do I miss a good concert. Loud music, crazy venues, amazing new food and a genuinely energetic and positive experience. Concerts and festivals are crowded places and though I undeniably crave a good NF, Post Malone or Job Bellion performance, the wait has produced a wave of eagerness that I can’t wait a moment longer to display. Concerts and festivals are also a great way to improve my mood, and shopping for outfits has unquestionably supported my shopping addiction. The atmosphere and the trip in itself can be eventful and are certainly worth the price.


Though some outdoor skating rinks are beginning to open, the discomfort of knowing that there will be various individuals coughing, sniffling and sneezing causes a great amount of discomfort for me. Skating has always been an experience involving late nights, bright lights, steaming hot chocolate and a group of friends, and sadly this incredible experience has not been able to occur yet. Post-quarantine late nights will be worth the time spent social distancing now and have made the idea of the experience a lot more thrilling.

Hockey Games

Even though professional sports teams are continuing to play, watching a game on TV is just not the same as sitting in the arena and watching the action up close. I can already hear the cut of the ice underneath each player’s skates and the buzzing arena that makes the freezing cold weather unnoticeable. I can see the three-inch puck slamming into the back of the net and the bright red blood being coughed up after a wonderfully rough fight.

Hopefully, my quick bucket list offers some inspiration to make a post-COVID list that will generate excitement and provide motivation to fight through these awful times.

Isha Pabla

Wilfrid Laurier '24

Writing has always been a passion of Isha's, and while pursuing a major in business and computer science, she finds it wonderful to be able to exercise her creativity and activism with Her Campus. Isha enjoys writing about social justice issues, community engagement and social wellness.
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