Funny Facebook Groups for Your Internet Enjoyment!

If you’re like me, the sudden changes to our world have given you a lot more free time. Of course, some of this free time should be spent doing our usual responsibilities. That is, doing schoolwork, chores or even just staying in touch with friends. Still, a lot of us have probably turned to our social media accounts to tame our boredom. Personally, I dove into the world of Facebook groups and found some fantastic new finds! Here are some terrific groups I’ve found on Facebook in the past few weeks!

“Disapproving Cats”

This group shares pictures of their cats looking… well, disappointed in things. There’s a lot of funny pictures of very grumpy cats and the other group members are often invited to “caption” what they think the cat could be thinking about! Sometimes members just share pictures of their cats! If you like to look at pictures of cats, this one is for you!

Another similar group is “Disapproving Corgis”, a similar group but with a lot of more concerned looking corgis. If you like dogs, this one might be better. Corgis sure are emotive, so a lot of the pictures are very cute!

“Accidental Renaissance Paintings”

Have you ever taken a really interesting photo where everything seems to look really dramatic, as if it was created by an enigmatic painter in the Middle Ages? Well, a lot of people feel the same! This group is full of people sharing their hilarious photos. There are a lot of chaotic scenes, and you’ll notice something new about the photos every time you see them. So many emotions in one photo! Besides, a lot of them are actual masterpieces. I’m amazed at what people take photos of.

“A group where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony”

Well, this group has surely been one of my favourites, and I have a lot to say about it. It’s exactly as the title sounds. Members upload pictures (of ants) to introduce themselves and otherwise post from the perspective of ants in an ant colony.

Everyone lives to serve ‘The Queen’ (which, according to the group rules, must always be capitalized) with a lot of pictures of dropped food and sweets to be carried to Her Majesty. There’s a queen election when The Queen “dies”. The last election was a vote between “Bernie SANTers”, “KeANTu Reeves”, “C R U M B S” and “BeyANTcé”!

Some posts I’ve seen include “Does anyone want to help me move a leaf?” and “I found a pretty flower :}”

The group is very active, and there’s a huge rivalry between this group and the group titled “A group where we all pretend to be anteaters”! It can also get a little exciting when a member claims to be a different type of bug, such as a caterpillar, a spider or a mosquito. The “ants” rise up and try to defend their colony from non-ants! Needless to say, it can get very interesting!

One thing to note though is that this group tends to upload a lot of bug and insect photos, especially of ants. It can be unsettling to some to see close-up pictures of mosquitos or ticks (although they’re usually just from Google Images). I’ve had to rapidly scroll past a few tarantulas in my time, but I suppose it comes with the territory!

“A group where we all pretend to be roommates”

This group is exactly what it sounds like! A whole bunch of strangers posting messages as if they were all roommates in one giant house! A lot of jokes go around about the amount of strange pets in the house, who’s going to pay the rent and what “we” should have for dinner!

Some posts include “guys, chicken for dinner, how should I cook it” (one reply was “You’re supposed to cook it?!?”), “Who wants to impulsively dye their hair with me?” and “Guys, we’re 5 months behind the rent. Who gonna pay it?!?!”

This group can be really funny, but it’s definitely full of university-age shenanigans. New members beware!


This group is a bit similar to the first one I shared, but it’s a place for posting pictures of really large (gorgeous) cats! These cats are huge, but they’re so lovable and fun to see on your feed that I had to include it. Besides, the name was very enticing! (It is indeed written like that)

This group seems to be one of many similar groups, all with the same naming convention. Other “THIS CAT IS” groups include “GROMPY”, “WONKY”, “SLONKY”, NEBBY”, “FLOOFY”, etc., so you can probably find any type of cat you please!

I’m sure you can tell I’m a cat person at this point.

Other potentially fantastic groups

As much as I’ve been enjoying these kinds of Facebook groups, a lot of them are private and require you to agree to the rules before being let in. So although I can’t vouch for these groups from the inside, here are some other gems I found.

“A group where we speak gibberish and pretend to understand each other”

“A group where we all pretend to be middle-aged dads”

“Sounds weirdly specific, but ok”

“A group where we all pretend to work at the same office”

“What the fu.. oh it’s the Sims group. Carry on.” (I assume this is for sharing wild stories about your Sims.)

And many more…

There’s definitely a lot of cool groups out there, so don’t be afraid to check them out. I hope you enjoyed this article and are finding some new and interesting ways to stay entertained this summer!