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Love is an important virtue to have in life. The most beautiful aspect of love is that it allows us to connect and develop meaningful relationships in our lives. Overall, love can bring people together through good and bad times in your life. Expressing love doesn’t restrict to significant others. You can also show love to your friends and family members. Whether you have a significant other or not, it’s crucial for the people you love to know how much they mean to you. In honour of Valentine’s Day and cupid season, here are five ways to show someone you love them! 

Be an active listener

Nothing feels better than talking to someone who’s engaged in the conversation you’re having. To be an active listener, respond with insightful and meaningful questions during the conversation. For example, while listening to someone rant about something that bothers them, actively listen and ask questions to follow up on how they’re feeling. Overall, it shows them that you care about what they have to say. Taking this approach will strengthen trust. That way, it’ll show how you value and listen to what they’re talking about and the emotions they’re feeling!

Spend quality time with them

There’s a difference between spending time and spending quality time with someone. Spending quality time entails doing activities that you both actively engage in together. When spending quality time with someone, you give your full attention to the other person. Some examples of activities you can engage in are starting a TV series, cooking and going on walks together. Making time to spend quality time shows you value them as a person. Engagement in quality time activities can develop closeness in a relationship which is an effective way to show someone you love them.

Offer Help when they’re in need

Another way to show someone you love them is to offer help when they’re in need. Nothing is more challenging than going through a tough time alone. Sometimes, people are scared to ask for help. It’s crucial to let the people you love know that you’re always going to be there for them. To show them that you’re always there for them, offer help when they need it. Whether emotional, physical or a small favour, offering help shows that you care about them and that they are loved. 

Celebrate their accomplishments

At times, people may feel the need or downplay their accomplishments or not celebrate them at all. Whether one or the other is the case, it’s important to celebrate the achievements of the people you love, whether they’re big or small. They’ll also feel a sense of encouragement to accomplish other achievements in the future! Knowing that someone will support your successes is comforting. Therefore, it’s essential to celebrate the accomplishments of the people you love to show that you love them.

Tell and express what you love about them

Tell the people you love that you love them with words of affirmation. You can directly tell someone that you love them and communicate the qualities you love about them as a person! Celebrating what you love about someone demonstrates how much you appreciate their presence in your life. By expressing what you appreciate about them as a person, they’ll notice how attentive you are to them, making them feel valued. Overall, if you love someone, tell and express what you love about them!

In conclusion, love is an incredible feeling that must be expressed, especially during Valentine’s Day and cupid season! Love is beautiful because it helps build lifelong bonds and relationships with the people around you like, friends, family or significant others! The bonds you develop and share with the people you love will help you in your life through better and worse. In the end, life is too short. Show people, you love them through actively listening, quality time, offering help, celebrating their accomplishments and simply telling and expressing what you love about them!

Sophia Guardado

Wilfrid Laurier '25

Sophia is an English Literature student at Wilfrid Laurier University. On her free time, you will catch her reading books, taking long nature walks or at the gym!