Five Things to Do in Toronto this Summer

The summer season is a great time of year to try new things. Whether you’re local to Waterloo, or other cities, it’s worth the trip to Toronto. There is so much to see and do, so how can you decide if you’ve never been there before? Here is a list of five things to do this summer, ideal for experiencing the hubbub of the city!

  1. 1. Discover The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

    The ROM is a great landmark in Toronto both for its cultural and historical collections as well as its architectural value. Explore one of the long-term exhibits or check out the future curations — the ROM has something for everyone at any age. The Ancient Egypt exhibit is a fan-favourite and contains replicas of tombs and real mummies. If the admission fee is too steep for your summer budget, the third Monday of every month is free! If you want to see the ROM in a different light, Friday Night Live is a great way to experience the museum, but via food, live music and special events!

  2. 2. Attend a Festival

    Doors Open runs during the last week of May and allows free access to numerous cultural, historical and architectural sites around the city. Each year the committee picks a theme to highlight, typically private locations for viewing/activities. This year’s theme is “20 Something”, to celebrate its anniversary.

    Because Toronto is such a large cultural epicentre, there is always something going on. The Beaches Jazz Festival occurs in July and runs month-long. It consists of live performances from both local and international artists.

    Pride Toronto takes place in the Church and Wellesley Village neighbourhood. Events and parades occur throughout the month of June. Full of parties, music and lots of drag, it is one of the most entertaining events of the summer.

    Toronto International Busker Fest is a great way to view some of the most talented street performers taking centre stage in Woodbine Park. Magicians, acrobats, comedians and more showcase acts of prowess, awe-inspiring talent and skill — all for free.

  3. 3. Stroll through Kensington Market

    Kensington Market is one of the most eclectic neighbourhoods in Toronto’s downtown core. Consisting of restaurants, cafes, boutiques and charming houses, it is a great place to walk during the nice summer weather. If you’re a fan of vintage shopping, this is a great spot to do so!

  4. 4. See Toronto from the CN Tower

    There is nothing more iconic to the Toronto skyline than the CN Tower, but it is more than just an architectural landmark. Test you height-seeking comfortability by visiting the top of the tower to view the city via floor-to-ceiling windows and glass floor. If that is not thrilling enough for you, try balancing off the edge of the Tower with an EdgeWalk!

  5. 5. Explore Centre Island

    Some people find it hard to believe that Toronto has its own island, but it’s true! Catch the ferry at the terminal/ferry docks at Bay Street and Yonge Street on Queens Quay. Once on the island, there are gorgeous walking and biking trails to explore. You can rent a large tandem bike for up to six people! There is also an amusement park, Centreville Theme Park, consisting of over 30 rides and attractions. Centreville also has the traditional classics like a ferris wheel, bumper cars, mini golf and spinning teacups.