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Five Insane Euphoria Season Two Theories

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If you haven’t heard, season two of the acclaimed series, Euphoria, has finally begun to air weekly on HBO. If you’re a fan of the show and you’re active on social media, then you know about the GRIP Euphoria has on almost everybody. Fans are spewing out insane theories, predictions and opinions on this unique drama series in hopes of understanding what might happen next to our favourite characters. Now of course I’m going to share all of the most interesting theories I’ve found and why they may or may not make absolute sense. Warning major spoilers ahead!

rue is going to die

I know, this one is dark, but fans suspect that our main girl Rue is probably going to die this season. Why? Well, fans suggest that since the series begins with Rue’s birth, it only makes sense for it to end with her death. As well, there are many parallels of Romeo and Juliet seen with Rue and Jules, I mean even their names are similar! This can be seen in the Halloween party from season one, where Rue is wearing a tux and Jules is dressed as an angel. Not only was the couple dressed as the famous lovers, but Jules recites lines from the play when she is in the pool. These parallels either hint at Rue’s potential death or may foreshadow a rough path for Rules this season. Not only that but Rue’s making some seriously questionable choices this season. Her addiction has gotten progressively worse as we see her ending episode three with some fentanyl (yikes). She definitely has put herself in danger by working for Lorrie, the sketchy drug supplier. If her addiction doesn’t take her out, Lorrie might, just because HOW in the world is Rue going to make 13k to repay Lorrie if she’s fiending off her own stash? Rue’s definitely keeping viewers on their toes with her insane decisions this season.

ashtray is Nate’s younger brother

This one’s definitely a stretch. What we know about Ashtray is that he was used as collateral by his mother, who couldn’t pay back Fez’s grandmother for drugs. However, his mom didn’t come back for him and therefore he was raised by Fez. Also, we know from the Jacobs family picture in season one that there are three sons in the Jacobs family. But viewers have only met Nate (obviously) and his older brother Aaron, now where’s the youngest son? Fans theorize that Ash is actually the last son because the ages seem to line up, but I seriously doubt this one.

Nate is in love with jules

In my opinion, this theory makes a lot of sense. Nate probably sees Jules as the perfect person. However, due to his internalized homophobia and his dad’s videos, he probably doesn’t know what to do with his feelings. Also, in Nate’s weird dream sequence in episode two when he’s in the hospital, we see many flashes of Jules in between the scenes of Cassie and Maddie. This suggests Nate’s attraction to Jules and fans believe he is using Cassie to avoid his true fantasies. This may be because Cassie is seen as the perfect girl; an idea/distraction he can get used to. Furthermore, viewers quite literally hear Fez admit Nate loves Jules in episode three when Cal comes looking for his CD. This theory also suggests that Nate is manipulating Maddie to get the CD back from her and he doesn’t love her anymore. Overall, no one ever really knows Nate’s true feelings or intentions, but I want him far away from Jules.

Ethan is the black screen

Remember that super creepy scene from season one where Kat faces an unsettling and anonymous client that scares the daylight out of her while she is camming? Well, fans are convinced that Kat’s very own boyfriend, Ethan, must have been the one behind the screen. There’s actually not a lot of evidence supporting this theory, but because Ethan does give school shooter vibes, a lot of fans have been hypothesizing this on TikTok. Honestly, this would be a very interesting plot as Ethan is seen as the most perfect boyfriend. Even the actor hints towards an interesting shock from Ethan’s character this season.

Faye is undercover

Now this one’s actually very interesting. Viewers know Faye as this funky and airheaded girl who’s the girlfriend of the guy who introduced Fez to Lorrie. However, fans speculate that Faye is simply acting dumb as she stays in hiding with Fez to figure out who killed Mouse, the super creepy supplier from season one. Viewers know that Ashtray ended up attacking Mouse and Faye’s boyfriend at the beginning of season two. Fez and Ash got rid of the body and avoided any questioning about what happened. Faye seems to be a little too curious. We see on two separate occasions while she’s immensely high, Faye asks Fez if he killed Mouse. Although our boy Fez is a little slow, he never admits to the murder. Why’s that on Faye’s mind and why does she only ask when she’s high? It honestly doesn’t make sense and fans suspect that her reasoning to stay with Fez is solely to find out if he did it. Pushing a motel manager off the balcony and hiding from the police is a weird reason to live with a drug dealer. Although Faye is quite entertaining this season, I really hope she doesn’t cause Fez any more trouble.

Euphoria is definitely a very interesting series but it’s honestly so addicting. If you already haven’t started the show, I definitely recommend it (but also why did you read spoilers if you haven’t), and if you’ve already started, well good luck because this season looks like it’s going to be wild.

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