Face Time! New Products to Try for the New Season.

September brings about a lot of changes, like the new semester, the stress and the wacky weather — making it a messy month. This transition can take quite a toll on one’s health. Which is why I’m here to give you the skin care tips that will leave you more vibrant than the autumn leaves themselves, so let’s get our autumnal glow on!

First things first — we love soft skin and getting this requires many secret ingredients, one of which, in my opinion, is coconut oil. I use coconut oil every single day. I use it in my hair, I use it to shave my legs and the most relevant use is for my face. Coconut oil is my only makeup remover and the first step I take towards having skin smoother than a pumpkin’s bottom (sorry not sorry). Feel free to apply generously to your skin and rinse well with warm water to avoid breakouts.

My next recommendation is the Dove Beauty Bar. There is a decent selection choose from, but choose the bar that will inspire your skin to feel fresh and new. This is a great product to use, especially on your face. I find it to be very gentle and effective when it comes to transforming your complexion.

Now for those struggling to breakup with their breakouts, you’ve come to the right place: Introducing Neutrogena’s oil-free acne wash cream cleanser (say that 10 times fast). It’s 200 ml of miracle product, all in a convenient pumpkin-orange package. My grandmother bought me some from a sale at Shoppers Drug Mart and it has worked wonders. I highly recommend hunting it down.

By this point your skin should feel pretty darn good, but wait, there’s more! Have you heard of a little place called LUSH? Sure you have — It’s full of all those luxurious bath bombs and bubbly colourful surprises! Well, they carry face masks, which are as much fun as they are helpful. Right now I am using their Brazened Honey mask, and I have so much love for this sweet little product (keep it in the fridge for best results). It has ground almond shells to help exfoliate away the crisp September damage!

My final recommendation is using moisturizer! Moisturizer is a must if you want to stay young forever (no guarantees). For a daytime moisturizer, I recommend Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. If you are looking for a night cream, I recommend Neutrogena’s Deep Moisture Night Cream. For cracking lips, nose, earlobes, etc. (wherever your face dries up the most) I use Vaseline. Also, lip-wise, I am a big fan of Blistex Lip Medex.

So now that you know some of my tips and tricks for skin care hopefully you can apply them, in combination with proper rest and hydration, to see inspirational results. Don’t stress; the leaves may be changing colour, but that doesn’t mean you can’t remain golden.

Photos in article by Simmone Huras, Her Campus WLU