Exec Team Profile: Head Editor Theresa Irving


Name: Theresa Irving

Age: 21

Program: Honours Psychology - Research Specialist

Hometown: Georgetown, ON

Relationship Status: Taken


Coffee or Tea: Coffee! I basically live off of Tim Hortons.

Fall or Spring: Spring

Video Games or Board Games: I’m actually a big video game nerd.

Disney or Dreamworks: Disney, always

24 Lounge or Solarium: 24

What is your position with Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier?

I am the Head Editor! Basically, I review every article before sending it through to the Campus Correspondents to be published, as well as help to coordinate the editing team. As a part of the executive team, I also work with the other executives on things like team organization, hiring, and handling any issues that may come up.

What is your favourite part of being on the Her Campus team?

The Her Campus team is full of amazing, hard-working, and hilarious people. Everyone from the Campus Correspondents to the Promo Team members really help shape the club to be as fun and exciting as it is! With members coming and going every term, being on the team for the last two years has introduced me to so many great people, and that is my favourite part.

What does it mean to be a Golden Hawk?

I think the core values of a Golden Hawk are caring for others, keeping spirits high, and really pushing yourself to do your best at everything you commit yourself to. Laurier has a great community that I think fosters these values better than any other school, so I am always proud to call myself a Golden Hawk.

If you had the chance to live anywhere in the world for one year, where would you go? In complete honesty, I am such a homebody. I would rather be where I am than anywhere else in the world, at least if it is for a whole year. However, if I could go anywhere for a week or two, I would love to see Japan!


What are you passionate about? Short answer: people. I switched into psychology during my first year because I realized how fascinated I am by people. I care so deeply for everyone I get to know, and I love to just sit for hours and talk with people who are open about themselves. There is something unique about every person out there, and it is so interesting to see all the similarities and differences in all people.

How would your friends describe you?

I think most of my friends describe me as intelligent, funny, and dependable. My best friends might also tell you I’m emotional and kind of weird. I don’t think most people get to see that side of me because I’m usually so shy and reserved.

Favourite hobbies when you’re not studying?

My favourite is hanging out with the love of my life: my cat. As I mentioned, I am big on video games. I spend a pretty big chunk of time on them. The Legend of Zelda is my favourite series. When I’m not gaming, I am usually listening to music. My top three bands right now are Billy Talent, Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, and A Day To Remember.

What has been your favourite memory at Laurier so far? Oh this is going to be so cheesy, but I actually met my boyfriend in first year. We’ve been together for almost three years now and he’s the best person I know. So I have to say my favourite Laurier memory was the O-Week tour I went on where we first met.

What television series describes your life?

Do you remember the show Daria? Yeah, I am less exaggerated Daria.


Now you know a little bit about our Head Editor, Theresa!